“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.”

–Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Buddhist leader who introduced mindfulness to Westerners. -NY Times, Nov. 2013

The late Steve Jobs credited his early instruction in Zen meditation for his legendary ability to tune out distractions when he was running Apple.

–LA Times

Benefits of Yoga in a

Corporate Wellness Program

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First of all having yoga in a corporate wellness program is a wonderful way for a company to establish that they care about employee well-being and work life balance. And the rising cost of healthcare is a huge issue. Your employees may be putting in long hours regularly or on a special project, why not reward them with a regularly scheduled class on-site.

  • Corporate yoga can increase employee productivity.
  • Improve your employees health with yoga: specific arm, hand and shoulder stretches to counteract the repetitive strain of the long hours spent at computer.
  • Improve employee job satisfaction and sense of community.
  • Mindfulness practices improve employee communication naturally.

A yoga class held on-site will be tailored to the needs of your employees. But we know that at work there will be a mix of abilities and ages. And that you are most likely not wanting a sweaty class. More likely you are wanting something that leaves your employees and staff- refreshed and yet relaxed. Ready to provide better customer service, more focused on the task at hand. And with sense of ease and mobility in the hands, shoulders and back.

Articles on Benefits of Holistic Practices:
See our Resource Page on best practices for corporate wellness programs  over at Namaste Concierge.com. Need to convince the powers that be of the efficacy of yoga, mindfulness or stress management specifically? See below:

Options for Corporate/On-site Yoga:

  1. Yoga ClassStress relieving, reviving, yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation with options for various levels of fitness. Done in workout clothes. (WBM)
  2. Desk-side Stretch- a series of simple yoga based exercises that are done using chairs, conference table, and the wall. Includes mindfulness practices too. Done in business attire. (LM)
  3. Stress Management– A seated combo of, breathing practices, bodily relaxation and mindfulness meditation. Adapted as needed to group needs over time. (NM)

WBM (whole body movements,) LM (low movement,) NM (no movement) Corporate Retreats:  Let us be part of your corporate retreat we can offer a session of any length based on your needs.

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COSTS: 1x class: $225- up to 25 people (in most parts of Manhattan.)

Ongoing scheduled classes can run in 6 or 8 week cycles and are usually less- depending on factors such as class size, location, class length, and times per week etc.

CLASS LENGTH: Session length choice is typically between is 45-55 min.  Two 30 min sessions could be scheduled of Desk-side Stretch or Stress Management to accommodate employee schedules. Classes held in your space in the morning or lunchtime.  A 6-8 week series is the recommended minimum which gives time to get to know the employees needs.   We also offer ONSITE CHAIR MASSAGE  by licensed massage therapists via my company Namaste Concierge, rates are competitive.  Email for free consultation.

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Non-profit/Service Agencies-

Call or use contact form, for free consultation. I love to support agencies working with under-served populations such as at risk youth and low income populations.