Spiritual Wellness Coaching for Women

Spiritual Wellness Mentoring for Women: A deep dive into your own Inner Wisdom.

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.”

 ~Thich Nhat Hanh, writer, Buddhist leader & peace activist.


You’ve been to Kripalu, Omega Institute or weekend retreats at your local spiritual oasis.  Perhaps you are:

  • Transitioning: from divorce, job loss, empty nest.  Feeling confused about goals? Can’t make decisions?

    • I’ve reinvented myself numerous times, here are a few roles:
      • tenured art professor
      • yoga teacher + yoga studio owner
      • museum educator at M.O.M.A (NYC)
      • massage therapist
  • Working on a book, or other creative project and feeling stuck?

    • A lifelong Creative, I understand the creative process, it’s pitfalls and seductions.
  • Wanting healing & someone to support you in transformation?  Health issues, like insomnia, hormonal issues, peri-menopause, chronic worry.  Stress inflected health issues like digestion….

    • I wish I had support when I left academia, after enduring a hostile work environment.  The processes of healing from deep depression and loss of purpose, are what I share with you. My official bio is here on About page.

Intuitive In Lotus Position Pink background

What I do is a unique, transformative blend of work on body/mind & spirit.

I promise (if you do the work and desire change,) that I will be a catalyst moving you closer to your dreams!


I combine:

  • Sensitive healing bodywork SHIATSU: that gets you “unstuck” releasing old patterns that you’ve struggled with.
  • Clear, kind guidance in MINDFULNESS MEDITATION + More
  • (optional) PERSONALIZED YOGA for your type & current condition
  • LIFESTYLE recommendations based on Ayurveda & Yogic Understanding
  • INTUITIVE & spiritual skills 

Intuitive In Lotus Position Pink background

 1 + 1 STRESS-BUSTER: $150

  • 1 Shiatsu Treatment + 1 Private Yoga/or Mindfulness Meditation
  • 20 Minute Mentoring Call



My question to you is: what do you really want?

And since you’ve tried already on your own, what will change to get you there?

If you could have gotten there on by yourself you would have already.  Don’t wait for more months to pass, let me support you.

CHI PACKAGE: 6 weeks

  • For a simpler issue or as a initial foray into coaching


Perfect for tackling a bigger transition, like one of the big three mentioned above:

  • Make that gorgeous leap and transition into your next stage (a great adjunct to therapy)
  • Breakthrough on a creative process and produce that play/book of poetry or suite of paintings!
  • Shift a health/emotional issue, feel it dissolve as the mind/body integrates trauma

ChiGreat starter coaching
$6456 Weeks
2 (75 min.)  Shiatsu Massage
2 personalized: Meditation or Yoga/Relaxation
4 Mentoring Calls (20 min.)
Custom yoga/Do-In routine for Home Practice
*Guided Meditation mp3
*Guided Relaxation mp3
PranaMore In-Depth
$925 3 Months
3 (75 min.)  Shiatsu Massage
3 personalized: Meditation or Yoga/Relaxation
6 Mentoring Calls (20 min.)
Custom yoga/Do-In routine for Home Practice
*Guided Meditation mp3
*Guided Relaxation mp3
Lifestyle Tips for Your Type



THIS IS RIGHT FOR YOU if, you are a motivated, spiritual woman ready to invest in your breakthrough!  This is not ideal if  you are suffering from depression or feel you lack time.



TO WORK WITH ME, Locally in Ithaca:

Women who are wanting to begin working with me can either book a shiatsu, to get a feel for my work.

Or, we can do a complimentary Discovery Call (this intake form helps me understand what you are seeking.)  If we both feel it’s a great fit, we can begin the coaching relationship!

If you want to work with me virtually go here: http://intheflowofmagic.com.