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means power to act, create and enliven it’s counter point is Shiva, basically Yin & Yang present in all things in an eternal dance.  Shakti is most strongly manifested in the female.

Yet- we are out of balance, the Divine Feminine is only now coming again to the forefront to create balance in the world….(read more.)


10 Monthly Workshops in Ithaca + 1 virtual (in July) that together weave the skills of empowerment, joy and ability to manifest your dreams.  We take the month of August off.

Each month for member’s a new workshop woven from the groups specific needs, that blends & may include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation & Do-in (self-shiatsu massage)
  • Visualizations
  • Chakra work
  • Yoga practices for manifesting
  • Creative projects like journaling, vision boarding

or take each workshop individually:


When:  Sunday Jan. 29, 2017
Where: Given at registration. Private Home or Yoga Studio in Commons.
Time:     1:30-4:30

We will begin with meditative practices to open our minds to new creation, and dreaming from the place of our Soul.

I will guide us through a step by step process to create a vision board that is uniquely ours, yet gracefully laid out for optimal clarity.  this will serve as a roadmap- a mindful map of the year going forward- and will serve as a treasure we keep and enjoy throughout the year and beyond.

In addition to each monthly workshop for becoming a member of the yearlong program and making that commitment to yourself, you get, these other goodies:

  • Exclusive discount on a 30 min. intuitive tarot readings (up to 3): these will be deeply meaningful as I get to know you throughout the year.
  • Exclusive extras on your first shiatsu massage* when a series purchased.  First session in series is extended to 75 min and receive a sample of an essential oil blend!  These perks add $30 in value.
  • Weekly deeper guidance expanding on each months workshop:  so you get the most benefit from the work we do.  Delivered to your email inbox for the weekend, can include:  writings, journaling prompts, an audio guided practice, recommended books suggestions, or exclusive videos only for yearlong members.

Option 1: In the Flow Membership:  $385. (you are pay $35 for each workshop + bonuses)

Option 2: Individual workshop: Early bird $40 ends Jan 22nd at midnight/$45 after



  1. When are workshops held?  They will be held on Sunday afternoons typically from 1-3, or 1-4 pm.
  2. What if I miss a workshop? If you have to miss a workshop the cost can be prorated to use for a massage or a tarot reading or another workshop for up to 1 year from date of workshop.
  3.  Where will they be held?  All workshops will be held near downtown Ithaca in a suitable space for the type of workshop.  If the attendance is smaller it may be held in my home studio- 5 min by car from the Commons.
  4. Can men attend?  While the teachings would be great for men, these workshops are meant to empower women in confidence and to talk openly about their feelings.  So only women who pledge to be supportive and are on the same journey are allowed.
  5. I have a disability will I be able to do everything?  Some of the classes may include yoga, modifications of any pose will be given and props as needed.
  6. How many times do we meet?  Over the course of 2017 we meet in person 10x’s,  Jan-June, July 2017 will be virtual (online class) great if you are away on vacation.  And August we do not meet or have any sessions for summer break.
  7. I have some questions still?  Feel free to call me at 607.339.9849
NYC Private Yoga Teacher-Kala

Vivinne (Kala) Williams

Kala Viv Williams, is a graduate of the “Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Training” program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a certified yoga teacher, with 22 years of experience.  She blends Kripalu, hatha and Kundalini yogas with her studies in Ayurveda, mindfulness meditation and her deep intuition.  She is a licensed  massage therapist specializing in shiatsu bodywork for increased wellness. For more on her journey and training go here to About page.


BEFORE YOU REGISTER: If class size is 6 or less, we will meet in my home studio. Sorry this is a (1) cat friendly home, so those with allergies might not be comfy.


Percy “the tail” Williams

Image: Andrew Everson, cc lic. via https://flic.kr/p/r7qBVm

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