Spirituality Workshops for Women, Ithaca NY

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means power to act, create and enliven it’s counter point is Shiva, basically Yin & Yang present in all things in an eternal dance.  Shakti is most strongly manifested in the female.

Yet- we are out of balance, the Divine Feminine is only now coming again to the forefront to create balance in the world….(read more.)

Yogablissdance™ for Women

Can you feel the call of the Divine Feminine?  She is rising.

When:  Mon Oct. 2nd- Mon. 30th, 2017
Where: Given at registration. Private Home 5 min drive from Commons.
Time:     5:30- 6:45 pm

Yogablissdance™ is my own blend that is developing out of decades of practicing/teaching yoga! Think belly dance meets yoga!

Upbeat world music invites our bodies to move– with a sensual belly dance inspired, spinal swirls type warmup that allows improvisation and fun.  We will be on our mats, not moving around the room.

That transitions into a SLOW flowing series of postures, vinyasa yoga style, but with a sense of ease.

Ends with a deep relaxation, (a few acupressure points may be thrown in) and mindfulness.  Group limited to 7 max!  Small home studio & limited parking- register if you are coming.

There is one cat in the home- see below:

Steps: pay either for 1 at low trial rate, or 3 or 5!  You will then be redirected to a page that gives my address and any info needed.


I have some questions still?  Feel free to call me at 607.339.9849 between 11-7 pm, M-F. Sat. 11-2.

NYC Private Yoga Teacher-Kala

Vivinne (Kala) Williams

Kala Viv Williams, is a graduate of the “Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Training” program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a certified yoga teacher, with 22 years of experience.  She blends Kripalu, hatha and Kundalini yogas with her studies in Ayurveda, mindfulness meditation and her deep intuition.  She is a licensed  massage therapist specializing in shiatsu bodywork for increased wellness. For more on her journey and training go here to About page.

*BEFORE YOU REGISTER:  We will meet in my home studio. Sorry this is a (1) cat friendly home, so those with allergies might not be comfy.  The space is very clean and is used for massage therapy as well.


Percy “the tail” Williams

Image: Andrew Everson, cc lic. via https://flic.kr/p/r7qBVm

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