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Shiatsu is good for everything (it’s like a tonic herb, in that it balances, whatever your condition)- each session is tailored to your condition at the time. Same effects as acupuncture but gentler effect & w/ warm hands instead of needles.



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I’ll name a few things that it can help:


  • headaches, migraines,

  • insomnia,

  • low energy, fatigue

  • low libido in men* & women,

  • reproductive issues


  • Lack of clarity about desires

  • Lack of clarity about goals

  • Feeling stuck in an area of life

Hi I’m Kala, if you’ve never heard of shiatsu or have questions check out my video and FAQ’S below:


1. What is Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu (Jap. for “finger pressure”) Manuscripts dating to 200BC in China discuss massage as one method of staying healthy along with acupuncture, herbs and other techniques. Shiatsu uses the language and metaphors of Traditional Chinese Medicine to support health. By the sixth century the techniques from China had reached Japan, were they further developed.

2. How does Shiatsu work?

On the same principals as acupuncture, but no needles! Ki or Chi means Life Force and it should flow smoothly and freely in the body. Problems arise when energy is in excess in some areas (can lead to pain) or depleted. A skilled therapist feels the flow of Ki and helps to guide the client towards balance again. Palm and thumbs are used for pressure along with joint rotations and rocking.

Benefits of Shiatsu for Post-partum Moms

3. What is this type of massage effective for?

Low energy and anything that is aggravated by stress such as irritable bowel, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, low libido, frequent colds, allergies; and overall health maintenence. Since shiastu meridians flow throughout the body-it is effective for many health issues at a stage before full blown disease. The body wants to be balanced and moves towards that state naturally, for example we don’t tell our finger to heal a cut or fight an infection. A healthy body does that naturally. Chi flow and quantity has emotional impact as well, for example aggravated Liver energy may make one more irritable. Lung energy is affected by the emotion of sadness. Shiatsu massage is also a wonderful support to your recovery and healing efforts using Western medicine.

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4. What is your training in massage?

I am a New York State and Massachusetts licensed massage therapist with 1,000 hours of training, which is among the very highest in the country. A portion of that was shiatsu, plus study at the International School of Shiatsu in Doylestown, PA. My 14 years of practice of yoga and meditation have enhanced my sensitivity to energy flows. And I’ve received great feedback on the effects of my bodywork.

5. Is shiatsu painful?

You may have seen in movies someone being walked on by a barefoot woman. But I do not do a rough shiatsu style, as by training and philosophy I believe that the client will not relax and change cannot happen if they are tense. There can be discomfort if an area is jitsu (tight and congested energetically.) Often the areas of shoulder and upper back are contracted muscularly as well as energetically. But at any time one should always convey to a massage therapist if pressure is uncomfortable.

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6. What do I have to do? Your responsibility as a client is to give clear and honest answers (confidential) on the medical history form-so that I can deliver an effective, appropriate session. And to relax as much as possible-which is enhanced by deep, slow breathing, and dropping into a comfortable silence. The effect of shiatsu is only as deep as your level of relaxation.

7. What to expect at your first treatment?

First an assessment is taken of medical history as well as emotions and current life issues. This gives valuable information as to what energy channels may need attention. The client remains clothed (comfortable cotton clothing is best) and oil or lotion is only used for the feet, hands and neck. Following traditional Japanese practice- shiastu is performed with the client lying on a low futon. That allows the therapist to use natural pressure as a result of gravity via their body weight. Palm and thumb pressure are applied to specific meridians along with gentle joint rotations.

8. How will I feel?

Clients usually begin to relax immediately some fall into a light sleep. Some feel the flow of energy, noticed as a pleasantly warm, sometimes tingling sensation; and often in another area of the body than the part being treated. Post session: generally one feels either very energized or a bit tired and wanting to rest. The former is the case when energy flow was normal to in excess and was unblocked. Feeling tired can happen when one comes in after pushing oneself for some time perhaps using stimulants such as caffeine to keep long hours or when recovering from illness/stress. In those cases one comes in with an underlying fatigue that needs deep rest and a restoration or building of Chi. In such cases more sessions will be very helpful in restoring balance. Also in the case of tired feeling by the 2nd or 3rd day– when energy has balanced out-one may feel better than before.

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