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Why In Home Private Yoga Classes?

Due to my nineteen years of practice and teaching yoga-I truly believe yoga is the best, complete system of mind, body and spirit enhancement.

Each custom private yoga lesson includes postures (asanas) and pranayama (breathing practices) for bodily strength, flexibility,  calming the mind and purifying the body.

We always end our yoga practice with relaxation (shavasana) to restore and rejuvenate the body at a profound bliss level.  Your cells will dance with joy.

Over time this reflects in that yoga glow, as well as a yoga butt.  Yoga glow- a radiance- is the outer manifestation  of an inner glow-a steady inner peace that is your true nature.

With regular private yoga classes-

  • you’ll find your day flows better,
  • you accomplish more and
  • you cope better no matter what challenges come up with family or business.

And physically:

  • Feel calmer, more focused
  • Better, deeper sleep
  • More energy for your activities
  • Greater flexibility, balance and even strength
  • Diminished headaches, backaches, reproductive issues improve 


You will receive a call within 24 hours get questions answered & to schedule a FREE YOGA LESSON*.

  1. Once you’re on my schedule, then fill out a secure Private Yoga intake form here, I’ll be notified via email that it’s completed.
  2. Since your intake form is received before to our first yoga class, I can start to tailor our work together and print out the form
  3. At first lesson:  we go over form and your goals, we then do a yoga session, ending with deep relaxation and bit of aromatherapy (if desired.)  And then we discuss rates, which vary depending on factors like location, your choice of series length etc.
  4. You are under no pressure to continue as a client at that point.

*New private clients only,  most Manhattan areas included.


  • Start to function at optimal levels, clarity of mind, sense of ease in body and overall health.
  • Re-tone abdomen quickly post-pregnancy.  A restorative yoga or gentle practice can de-stress and improve mood postpartum or menopausal.
  • Heal or cope with chronic illness, low back pain etc.
  • Learn to meditate (proven to alleviate stress symptoms)-perfect for fertility issues, or most chronic illness with stress component.  According to Ayurveda most illness is the result of imbalance and stress negatively impacting the body.  Unless mitigated in the long term this manifests as varying degrees of illness.
  • Cope with insomnia or life stress such as death of loved one.


What’s the Cost of Private Yoga Sessions?

There are plenty of reasons you may want to have private yoga lessons, one-on-one yoga at home or perhaps in your office. But since you are here your primary concern is: what are the costs of hiring a private yoga instructor?  As a certified yoga teacher since 1994, my aim is to answer the question but also the questions behind it.  What does pricing reflect, how is it calculated and so on!  I hope this is helpful. Private Yoga Teacher Pricing: I’m based in NYC, and along with cities in California, and perhaps Boston,  the prices here are probably the highest in the country for the reasons you would expect.  One, the cost of living is really high in big cities like Boston, NYC, LA, and cost of trainings in those areas are also higher;  and the incomes of clients are also higher than elsewhere.  So average rates in towns or small cities will be less. So the rates mentioned here hold generally for those areas, I’ll mention exceptions below. Rates private yoga average: $75-150* per lesson Yoga teachers like massage therapists are heart centered they love what they do and have spent thousands of dollars to get trained (certified.)  That said, it is also very difficult to make a living as a yoga teacher. Most are part-time only, as yoga studios in order to break even, often pay rather low wages per class.  So the vast majority of yoga teachers, teach in several locations and may have some private clients just to make it to part-time. Main private yoga page. How are costs for a private yoga lesson...

Private Yoga Lessons on Upper East Side w/Kala

I absolutely love the upper east side of Manhattan- the Met is my favorite museum and one of the top museums in the world.  My love of the Met began when I studied art at the High School of Music & Art.  Central Park is also a gem- I really believe that without Central Park, NYC would be a much less inhabitable place. Get private yoga lessons in the comfort of your upper east side home.  You need a clear space, a mat and and hour! Private yoga is a luxury-yet it’s the way yoga was taught in India- one teacher & one student.  That student would be given a individualized practice that was adjusted and developed over time. Working with a yoga teacher one on one is great for so many reasons: Time is set for you needs- morning person or prefer late afternoon. Recovering from illness- then class is gentle and nurturing Or are you detoxing and wanting a yoga practice to help you accomplish that goal of cleansing? There’s no competition no comparing oneself to others Want to stay fit and flexible-we create a practice just for your body (see yoga for runners) My experience not just in yoga but studying massage therapy and workshops over the 19+ years I’ve been teaching, gives me a unique ability to adapt yoga to the person.  Yoga is not rigid, there is not one right way- though some might try to tell you that.  Each body is different- and changes, even by season and over the years.  My studies in shiastu massage emphasize how the organs and energy shift...

Private Yoga Intake Form

If you’ve landed here you have already seen my page about private yoga services, most likely.  If not check it out first! This link below takes you to a secure site where you can fill out information. Fill out private yoga intake form! The form will be submitted to me and I will get back to you usually by the next business day.  Or if you prefer simply phone- 413-200-8230. Namaste (The Divine within me honors the Divine within...