"After only one shiatsu massage session with Kala... my energy shifted dramatically. Not only the muscle discomfort was gone, but my mood is less swingy and my sleep cycle is not chaotic anymore. I would recommend Kala to anybody: her loving, knowledgeable approach heals the body and the mind in a wonderful, significant and surprising way."
~PhD Candidate, Cornell University 


"Kala's shiatsu bodywork sessions are heavenly.  During my second session with Kala, something evoked a loving memory of my grandmother, and I have been basking in that love for days."

CS, recently retired



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Shiatsu Massage, is not your average “spa massage.” 

Lovely as that is, shiatsu goes further- it is similar to acupuncture in it’s efficacy for wellness, energy and health support.

Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) its ancient origins were meant to maintain health, vitality and stamina in the cultures of China & Japan.

If you enjoy yoga, tai-chi or chi-kung, you already are aware of Chi, Ki or Prana– the vital life force that Western systems overlook.

Yet clearly beyond our muscles, blood and bones, there is an energy that is keeping us alive and flourishing.  Shiatsu massage is tailored to your specific condition at the time.  Its effects are physical but also emotional- as the body’s deep tensions and blockages unwind- thorny and often long term “issues” are released. 

This can leave you feel lighter, less burdened and more present in your life.


a little about...

NYC Private Yoga Teacher-KalaWelcome, my name is Kala (Vivinne Williams LMT, YT.) I offer:

I’m an experienced wellness professional who has taught in NYC, Syracuse & Western Mass for major health clubs like: New York Sports Clubs & Equinox.
A former college professor in fine art, I’ve also taught yoga & wellness workshops at: Greenstar Food Cooperative, N.Y.U, Onondaga Community College and with private clients.
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See contact page to be in touch immediately. Namaste.

New!  Spiritual Wellness Coaching for Women.  A 12 week program to work deeply on creating your next step in life.  I promise you, if you do the work, I can guide you to with greater ease- step into: 

  • a new phase post divorce or empty nest
  • your next steps after job loss
  • post retirement reinvention
  • recovery from illness, physical or depression/anxiety
  • bring that big project forward like starting/finishing that book!

A beautiful deep blend of one on one support, massage to release the wisdom locked in the body.  Mindfulness meditation to balance the mind and a creative module to free and integrate Spirit.  The VIP package unfolds over three months.  The program is by application, and the first step is to book a shiatsu session with me.  More info on spiritual wellness coaching.