Ithaca Shiatsu Massage

Your feeling tired, less energy than you used to have and your sleep is not as deep and restful lately.  These are some of the reasons people call me, of course muscle tension and pain also lead you to think, “ahh a massage would be great!”

Shiatsu is amazing- it is way beyond a muscular massage- it is similar to the benefits of acupuncture– health, increased well being, better digestion, deeper sleep, libido etc.  Shiatsu works at the bodies deepest level, below our muscles is an energy flow feeding the organs, tissues and muscles.

But yes, you will leave feeling deeply relaxed and beyond that- NOURISHED.

Over time you will find many of the above issues decreasing, you may actually forget you had a problem!

Massage Testimonials: see more here

  • After only one shiatsu session with Kala, I felt my energy shifted dramatically. Not only the muscle discomfort was gone, but my mood is less swingy and my sleep cycle is not chaotic anymore. I would recommend Kala to anybody: her loving, knowledgeable approach heals the body and the mind…”  –PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  • “I have never been this relaxed in my life.”  –Ed C., Photographer.
  • Your hands feel like they have warm, smooth stones in them…like a ball of energy.” -K.M., Educator.

 BOOK MASSAGE APPOINTMENT: Kala at 413.200.8230

Women by appointment.  As I have a home office, men are by direct referral only.* I strive to return calls within 24 hours.  

First-time Massage Client:  $68 (25% off)  for first time clients. 1 Hour.

Repeat Drop in’s:  $90

Package Discounts: for Ongoing Massage Clients,


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With a series of shiatsu treatments you’ll really see the effects of the massage on body, mind & spirit.  Each treatment is customized to your needs, a minimum of 3 sessions are recommended for best results.


 MINI: 4 Sessions Package.  $45  (30 Minute)- $180  Have limited time? Perfect for lunch time pick-me up.  Focused on the back and the feet, this affects the entire body.  Expires 60 days from date of purchase.


3 Session Package @$75 (hour-long)- $225  Save over the single session price-a total of $15 saved each time. Plus get scheduling priority.  Expires 60 days from date of purchase.


6 Session Package  @ $70 (hour-long)– $420.00  Great for getting bi-monthly treatments.  Save money ($20 saved each time) and get scheduling preference (your preferred time and dates saved for you.)  Expires 90 days, from date of purchase.

Have questions about shiatsu- massage therapy? See video & FAQ on Shiatsu page.




Women by appointment.  As I have a home office, men are by direct referral only.*  Kala at 413.200.8230. I strive to return calls within 24 hours.  

I look forward to helping you achieve greater well-being and energy.

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