Holistic Health Resources


Yoga Directories:

LETSGLO “is a virtual chai tent for the yoga, meditation, dance, pilates, healthy cooking and wellness communities – connecting practitioners with venues, teachers and training worldwide.”  This is a new and very pretty site.

www.yoga-centers-directory.net  A longtime site, it’s look is dated but info is extensive on yoga schools, teachers, workshops around the world.

General Yoga:

Yoga Therapy Resources Great resource site for the healing benefits of yoga therapy. We offer webinars and online courses with leading yoga teachers, plus articles and resources about yoga for back pain, yoga for depression, yoga for stress management, yoga for diabetes, and more.

Yoga Journal Magazine-  the premiere yoga magazine in the U.S. Lots of helpful articles-a Basics area, Practice and even Poses in detail. Healthy recipes etc.

Alternative Health Sites:

Mercola.com-  The link actually takes you to the articles page.  I go there for detailed info on any health issue-this is not just about money for Dr. Mercola, it’s his lifestyle and what he believes, numerous health issues are covered exhaustively with explanation of both conventional and alternative therapy.  He, like many- believes the current health system is deeply flawed, and so the site is about how to care for ourselves with a more holistic and comprehensive view than simply taking a few drugs and calling it a day.  He examines the pro’s and con’s in a way that few do as authoritatively.  Also each article gives you a short overview if you are short on time.

Music/Yoga Stuff etc…

Spirit Voyage– Primarily based on Kundalini Yoga, this site has much more in terms of yoga clothing (kundalini yoga style & others,) jewelry, and music-for all types of practitioners and yoga teachers.  There is a whole section of yoga stuff in Spanish.

Some Western Chant Masters:

Krishna Das–  Chanting (Kirtan) is a part of the path of Devotional Yoga, says his website.  A warm, wonderful person to chant with-it’s done in a call and response fashion, and is incredibly fun.  A student of mine who used drugs said after attending one of KD’s “concerts” (as it’s participatory I put in quotes)- that he felt as good as he does when he got high!  The NY Times on him here.


Marylee Fairbanks:  a certified yoga teacher and former actress, makes beautiful gem stone, chakra jewelry from the heart.  Check out her site.

Deeper Aspects of Yoga:

  • ****Chakras.net-  One of the clearest and most “authentic” (meaning still close to the Indian roots of yoga) sites I’ve seen with info on the chakras, subtle body, mantra etc.  It give the theoretical underpinnings of yoga.  It is from an organization run by “Swamiji, is the disciple and successor of Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji.”  It’s international website of the organization for classes workshops is here,  the organization seems very active in Europe, though they do have centers here in US. see sidebar of latter link for country specific websites.