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I have a strong sense of self-worth, I am valuable, I am precious. I love myself right now in this moment.

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Can We Be Wealthy & Yet Still Suffer from Poverty? (A Quote by Amma, Indian Spiritual Teacher) Thu, 10 Sep 2015 16:31:37 +0000

In today’s world, people experience two types of poverty:  the poverty cause by lack of food, clothing and shelter, and the poverty caused by lack of love and compassion.

Of these two, the second type needs to be considered first because if we have love and compassion in our hearts, then we will wholeheartedly serve those who suffer from a lack of food, clothing & shelter.   ~Amma

Amma is the nickname of the Indian spiritual teacher, Ammachi.  Born in poverty in India she is considered a saint.   What began as simply a spiritual ministry where she would literally hug & bless whomever came to her, has now grown into a worldwide humanitarian organization.  She is sometimes called the “hugging saint,” see NY Times article on her.  She has sat for a day into the night hugging thousands of people and has now built via volunteers a huge network of organizations that work in the areas of poverty alleviation, environment, healthcare.

See more about her organization here:



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Balance Your Yoga, Try a Kickboxing Class in NYC Tue, 07 Jul 2015 19:17:43 +0000 Hey all it’s been a while since I posted, it’s hot here in the Big Apple!  I’ve been focused on creative pursuits including my writing for a bit.  I do have lots of healthy quick juice n’ smoothie recipes to share soon.

In the mean time though part of why I didn’t post is that I’ve gotten a bit bored with my yoga practice! Yes this can happen even to teachers, and I wanted to post on ways to keep going when that inevitably happens.  That will be my next post, multiple strategies to not give up on yoga!

One thing I wanted to share in that regard is to try something new!  Often when we feel bored with an activity it’s because whatever it is, has become routine and not in a good way.  I was looking for ways to balance out my yoga practice.  I don’t know if any of my NYC readers have tried kickboxing?  I recently heard about this new fitness trend here in NYC called Beat Box Fitness.  It’s really cool- it’s got live music spun by a DJ, so it’s really high energy.  It’s kickboxing movements- all cardio intensive,  jabbing, punching and playful.   So you really work up a good healthy sweat.

This is great for my local readers, Beat Box Fitness is in Manhattan on 8th Ave. between 35th & 36th, which is luckily easy to get to.  I don’t know if they are in other cities yet.  Check out their schedule and more info at

Kickboxing classes are becoming more popular in NYC, I think it fits the personality and energy of the city.  We get bored easily and have a lot of energy!

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Which Is Better? More Eye-catching for my Podcast? Thu, 09 Apr 2015 17:54:05 +0000 FINALpodcastwTExt2<A or FinalPodcastPic2B>

Which do you think shows up better in small image? Like they use on ITunes- Tweet me back @KalaViv or DM me if we follow…Thanks!



I sent this out on Twitter!  No big “marketing” budget, so one of the ways to get seen is via ITunes, but little tiny images are used usually. The one on left is my current one, which reads well here but in ITunes listing it’s hard to read:

The one on right is new–  I think will “read,” better- esp. the word “marketing?”  Hmmm…

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Yoga Salons (Where Yoga & Culture Collide) Wed, 08 Apr 2015 18:32:23 +0000 Envisioned for the 30+ urban dweller looking for a fun, social yet sophisticated way to meet new people and spend the evening!


I got inspired to offer what I’m calling a Yoga Salon: An blend of a social yoga class (for all levels, all bodies) followed by a talk/mixer with an artist, writer or other Creative!


The way the word “salon” is used here refers to the original historical meaning- “a gathering of artists, writers, intellectuals to discuss ideas…” Think Gertrude Stein having Picasso over for a smoke n’ some gin!

Honestly it’s something I’d like so I decided maybe others would too!


ForEmailSignatureHi, my name is Kala, a bit about me will tell you why this brainstorm hit!  I worked at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)  in the Education dept. mostly with kids.

Teens where my favorite as they would be quite funny and honest in their comments.

Then until a few years ago I was a professor- teaching painting and drawing in upstate New York, the kids were great fun & I’d take them on trips to NYC to see galleries.

I’m also a yoga teacher, got certified in 1994!  And even ran a small studio back in the 2000’s.


When: Saturday MAY 2nd. 5- 7:00 PM.  Timed so you can grab a nice meal afterwards in Chelsea, the Village or Midtown!

Where:  A Lovely Studio in Chelsea (West 20’s-NYC) location:  NOT FINALIZED YET But will be in Chelsea.

yoga teacher featured in magazines (LOGO's)


You have an interest in art yet may be intimidated by gallery scene and snootiness.  We’ll have none of that here.  I know about that having worked in a world class museum- and having gone to many a snooty gallery in my time.

  • First a fun, body positive, refreshing yoga class.  No yoga expertise needed!  No pretzels (ok ok, just don’t show off about it 😉  You’ll feel fabulous….
  • Then:  a guest Creative will bring samples of their work, talk about it and give you a chance to ask questions, get a beverage (non-alcoholic) and chill.

Note:  Group size is limited each time! RSVP with payment required to hold your space.  We will meet in spaces in the East Village, Chelsea or Midtown Manhattan.

GET early bird DISCOUNT — REGISTER NOW for : $35 per.  After SUNDAY 4/26  full price: $40!


Blank space filler

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Intuitive Readings: Tarot, Goddess & Isis Divination Mon, 30 Mar 2015 04:06:07 +0000 IMG_0694 - Version 2My approach is that there are energies, or flows around us, and directions that we can take in our lives.  I believe we are in co-creation with the Divine.   I’ve found that people who I’ve read for say the reading was helpful;  I strive to take a yogic and helping stance, to speak honestly and clearly about what I see and sense intuitively.

I’m Kala– a yogini since 1994 and a long-time meditator, I practice Insight or Vipassana meditation.  Want to know more about me?

Go to about page.   My spiritual practices have increased my awareness & intuition over time.  I do daily readings for myself and for friends that have been increasingly accurate and helpful.

Intuitive readings- I say “Tarot” (so you might find me, as that’s a common term folks search for) though I use a mix of Goddess, Isis, Angel cards and the major arcana card of Tarot.  They give various types of information and greater depth I find.

You are always the final determinant of your life & your choices, in our conversation I come from a place of empowerment and support for you to make wise choices.

What’s a reading like:

1.  I ask that you have a question or issue that you want clarification on.  The clearer you are the better.

2.  I prefer not to know the question before pulling the cards.  I pull cards and then see what’s triggered via my intuition.  I do this before we speak so the spread is laid out prior, I meditate and tune into you.  We then have a discussion about my interpretation of the cards as it relates to your concern.

3.  I work this way so I’m not biased by your question when I pull the cards-so my own personal judgements won’t interfere with the info that comes through.

4.  I do not predict things like “oh you’ll meet a man wearing a blue striped shirt in a few weeks and start a romance.”  The info you receive if your question is about romance (for example)- will be about the “issues” and beliefs and energies that come into play in terms of your love life.  And most likely they will resonate and help you to understand what’s going on in your life.

With this Divination process, my aim is help you feel empowered, able to step forward into your life in co-creation with the Divine!

How This Works:

My hours are currently:  1-7 pm EST most weekdays.

  1. Email me here after making payment— with 3 times of your choice during the open hours above.  If you are comfortable send a clear image of yourself is helpful for me. I’ll confirm our appt. via email within 48 hrs. (Check spam or newsletter type tabs if it’s missing)
  2. Get clear on what the issue is you want clarification about.


I do the reading before we get on phone after tuning in to you, and then we discuss what is seen.   I typically will spend at least 15 min. prior to our call doing the reading, and contemplating the cards.

Session Length

15 min. reading:  $20

You’ll receive a image of the spread of cards.

30 min reading:  $35

You’ll receive a image of the spread of cards. And an unedited mp3 recording of the reading.

Om Shanti, Namaste,



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A Response to Hilary Clinton Practices Yoga Article, Re: Intolerance Fri, 20 Mar 2015 19:12:14 +0000 Response I wrote in comments over at Washington Post, on story that Hilary Clinton “does yoga.”  There were of course the political responses plus one deriding yoga in the West.  My comment below was aimed at the latter.  (I also added the cheeky photo that accompanies this post.)

I’d love to be Hilary’s private yoga teacher, I’m in NYC Hil, I”m discreet, experienced and make it fun. Unlike some on this thread- the deeper teachings of yoga are about acceptance, equanimity and love. The practice which has many levels can/is helpful in so many ways from physical, to mental and emotional and ultimately spiritual. It’s not just for any 1 kind of person. There are a lot of silly yoga stereotypes out there. As a black woman from working class bkgrnd, I was initially years ago –often the only person of color, when I took classes. I started with books from library. Yoga is a self-care gift for all and is not a religion, certainly not as practiced in the West. You can be any religion and practice yoga, any elements that 1 feels are too “Hindu,” (as that is the cultural origin) can be removed if they make someone uncomfortable. It’s like eating at a Japanese restaurant doesn’t make you Japanese or whatever. In fact intolerance is the antithesis of Yoga. Namaste all.


I was responding to a comment that yoga should be more exclusive in that  it’s “Hindu” so I’m giving my two cents.  Yoga originated in a primarily Hindu culture, but to accept what commenter says would lead to a world where we are each limited to the box or beliefs, culture and norms that we are born into.  Obviously that is not the hyper-connected world  we now live in.

Even more important yoga is a spiritual tradition and practice that truly transcends race, gender, culture, even time period (I’m talking in it’s full depth here Yoga as opposed to yoga.  The practices are ultimately about transcendence and reaching our highest potential as Divine beings in a Divine universe.

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Post Yoga Smoothie Recipe #4: Chocolate Banana Wed, 11 Mar 2015 00:15:04 +0000 0 Beautiful Video of Mom Doing Yoga w/Kids Playing Mon, 09 Mar 2015 17:07:05 +0000 This was so sweet- I first saw it over at the Yogipreneur, Racheal Cooks site, and it moved me so much-even though I’m not a mom.  I’ve taken care of little ones.

Then I found this quote on a Yoga Meditations calender:

Practicing with total attention within the body is advanced Yoga, no matter how easy the posture;  practicing with your attention scattered is the practice of a beginner, no matter how difficult the posture. ~ H. David Coulter

Her attention is in the present moment- most advanced! her children, her surroundings, their need to play and feel loved.  All while she continues her physical practice.

And the music is so awesome it’s by: Alexi Murdoch called “Orange Sky.”

Namaste, Kala

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What’s the Cost of Private Yoga Sessions? Fri, 06 Mar 2015 22:41:12 +0000 There are plenty of reasons you may want to have private yoga lessons, one-on-one yoga at home or perhaps in your office.

But since you are here your primary concern is: what are the costs of hiring a private yoga instructor?  As a certified yoga teacher since 1994, my aim is to answer the question but also the questions behind it.  What does pricing reflect, how is it calculated and so on!  I hope this is helpful.

Private Yoga Teacher Pricing:

I’m based in NYC, and along with cities in California, and perhaps Boston,  the prices here are probably the highest in the country for the reasons you would expect.  One, the cost of living is really high in big cities like Boston, NYC, LA, and cost of trainings in those areas are also higher;  and the incomes of clients are also higher than elsewhere.  So average rates in towns or small cities will be less.

So the rates mentioned here hold generally for those areas, I’ll mention exceptions below.

Rates private yoga average:

$75-150* per lesson

Yoga teachers like massage therapists are heart centered they love what they do and have spent thousands of dollars to get trained (certified.)  That said, it is also very difficult to make a living as a yoga teacher. Most are part-time only, as yoga studios in order to break even, often pay rather low wages per class.  So the vast majority of yoga teachers, teach in several locations and may have some private clients just to make it to part-time.

Main private yoga page.

How are costs for a private yoga lesson calculated and why might they vary?  And why they may be even higher.*

Experience: costs vary depending in great part on how experienced the yoga teacher is.  A brand new teacher coming out of the teacher training should be on the lower end of the spectrum.  A teacher who has been at it for 5/10 or even 20 years-obviously brings more to the table and rates will likely be higher.

An experienced teacher has most likely taken extensive continuing education in yoga and related fields (see below,) and has surpassed 500 hours of training over the years.  Also obviously their personal practice of yoga has been for more years- that is a huge bonus they bring to teaching.

Training:  The basic yoga teacher certification is 200hrs.  Some teachers get an additional 300hrs, and so will show a 500 hour certification.  But there are other important factors to look for.

  • A 200 hr teacher may be excellent, because of:  lots of experience teaching and working with different bodies.  As well as simply a better teacher by sensitivity and temperament than someone with a 500 hr. certification.  When I auditioned teachers this was sometimes the case.
  • Also some yoga teachers have training additionally as massage therapists and that gives additionally hundreds of hours of training in the human body, anatomy etc.  I’ve studied more about working with the body via massage therapy and my program was 1,000 hours and cost five figures to attend.
  • Some teachers have a dance, pilates, or other somatic related background that brings knowledge to their basic certification.

Reputation:  You will pay more for a teacher who is well known-perhaps they have released dvds, or been featured in the paper or Yoga Journal.  They will cost more, as the publicity has made them more sought after, higher demand.  The same way a star baseball player earns more.  Just like a star player, they may not be the best for you;  does their teaching style, temperament match your needs?  They may look great doing an advanced pose but if you have back pain, and are sedentary, will they be able to alter their teaching for you?

Distance/Time:  Another factor that plays in the pricing is your distance from the traveling yoga teachers home base.  If you are in a suburb where s/he has no other clients and transportation takes time- then it may be more costly.  If on the other hand you are in a city and they come in to see several clients, the cost might be less.  Also some teachers charge more if you require early morning sessions or later in evening.

Frequency:  A final factor is how often you are booking the yoga teacher.  It’s common practice just like with massage therapists, for 1 individual session to be the most expensive.

But buying a group of 6, 8 or even 10 sessions drops the price.   The reason for this is the practitioner has a better handle on their cash flow, and so they reward regular clients with discount. And honestly with time the yoga teacher will get to know you and be better able to support your health, wellness or other goal more specifically.

And for the client in the case of yoga you usually get a set time that they see their teacher every week, and that time like with a therapist is held for you.

Why do some teachers not have prices on website?

Hiring Yoga Teacher Directly:  Since yoga teachers may be working independently like other contractors- whether it’s  a home builder or other service- they may be reluctant to put a flat price.  After seeing above you can see that there are variables in pricing.  Also they may feel simply putting prices will put people off or is private and they prefer to meet you, perhaps offer a complimentary session and discuss your needs.  For example is this a one time event, like a party, how many students will be there etc.?

Yoga Studios- providing private yoga–  prices are usually on the website, and usually there is the option of a private session at the studio or in your location.  The same variables often apply, for example one popular studio here in NYC clearly states “senior” teachers cost more.  Usually you are invited to fill out a form to be contacted.

Got questions?  I do have a referral service where I’ve vetted, and auditioned yoga teachers from various styles.   They are available for private yoga sessions in NYC (Manhattan & parts of Brooklyn.)  Go to to see them or contact me here.

Yoga teachers in the NYC or even elsewhere do comment or email me privately, I’d love to know you thoughts re: pricing your services in your area.

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How to Promote Your Services & Increase Website Traffic for Free Wed, 04 Mar 2015 01:49:32 +0000

55% more site visitors* for companies that blog, according to a Hubspot study.  It’s part of any SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

If you find this helpful please share it via email or social media. 

Why add a blog to your website?

  • Websites rank better in search engines, if they have more info and fresh content. A blog on your yoga, massage therapy or wellness website can achieve both.
  • Appeals to customers needs.  Folks search on line to find a solution to a problem.  Your blog can basically be like answering FAQ’s, thus providing value for the potential customers.  This separates you from the competition.  People will tend to trust those who show they can address their concerns.

What is a blog?

Basically a series of “posts” or short articles on various topics, usually sequenced in order from newest to oldest.  A website used to be rather static (relatively unchanging) thing.   But as technology made it easier to add fresh content-the distinction between a blog and a website now is blurry- a blog is a type of website or it can be 1 part of a website alongside more stable content.

How to Start the Blog?

If your website is built using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress,  Joomla or DRupal-it means you can add content easily.

  1. Contact your designer if you are unsure of how to add a new page to your site and make the minor adjustment to make it show the “blog posts”- that you will be adding.
  2. If the term “blog” doesn’t appeal to you or sound professional enough, then-some possible names for the page that will show the posts are:
  • Updates
  • Latest
  • Latest News

What to Write About

I like to educate by giving examples as it’s often easiest way.  So I’ll use some sample businesses.

  1. Do think of your new blog as an extended FAQ-at first.  Make your first post address a common customer question-and that can provide many posts down the line.  It will help you get inside the head of customers.  What problems are they having that you solve?
  2. Examples:
    • If you’re a yoga teacher specializing in yoga for special needs kids-add lots of info to speak to parents of those kids.   Pictures of you working with the kids.  Easy summation of benefits of yoga for special needs kids.
    • Profile a long standing employee.  Or a long time customer?  I’ve seen yoga studios do profile of a student.
    • Massage therapist?  Tie in with a current event-did someone famous announce a health issue or problem that you have knowledge of?
    • Review a product-with a clear disclaimer to protect yourself.  Maybe you are a massage therapist doing sports massage-discuss some great products and why you use it.
    • Showcase a recent success story-a problem you helped to solve for a client.  In above example, maybe you helped a runner post-race to recover more quickly.

 How Often to Post?

As a small business owner myself I understand  you are busy, and basically can always find some work to do!  That’s why you are an entrepreneur.

  • I would say a minimum of 1x a month or bi-monthly.  Even better 1x a week.
  • Honestly it’s hard to be conclusive because, if your business has lots of competitors  and you are in a major city-then you need to do more-blog more to stand out.  You will also need ongoing SEO.
  • If you are in a small city or less competitive business-the 1x week till you have a bunch of posts can hold you ranking well for a year or more….it’s all hard to predict.

Contact me with questions or read a bit about my affordable SEO Consulting Services, I will be honest with you if you are in a small metro area, non-competitive it’s easier to make you stand out and priced accordingly.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere for some clients they simply needed a better website (not fancy but clear and brings in customers) and that was enough to put them on page 1!  It all depends.

Business Blogging Resources:

Blogging Best Practices at Hubspot

Need more ideas?  Check out this post on 100 Practical Ideas for Small Business Blog Posts, to stimulate your own blog post writing..

Regards, Kala.

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After Yoga Teacher Training? Here’s the Best Business Marketing Coaches Mon, 23 Feb 2015 20:48:32 +0000 Related pages: About marketing for yoga & wellness professionals.

I became certified to yoga teacher in 1994 and have seen the huge influx of yoga teachers coming out of YTT’s.  Also having moved back to a major city, I’m aware of how hard it can be to get enough work as a yoga teacher.  A lot of studio’s are branded now- meaning if you aren’t certified in their “style” they won’t hire you;  no matter what a wonderful teacher you are.

The stats say the majority of yoga teachers work only part time, and are underpaid- this despite the huge forecast for yoga’s growth. And I feel YTT’s are not spending enough time on the business aspect of yoga to prepare their graduates.

With all of these folks, I’ve spent at least 1.5 hours and often more, perusing their content, via website, videos and offerings.  I am not an affiliate of any of them and get no compensation.  Do you own research, but most of them give away lots of free helpful info so you can get a clear sense of their work.

So without further adieu:

The buzz seems to be- finding one’s niche and targeting the “ideal client.”  I do know that marketing is very necessary and is not an “icky” word or something you can ignore.  I tried to myself- as yogi’s and heart centered professionals we have to do the inner work to believe that our work has to be sustainable.  That it’s ok to earn an comfortable living.

So here are some of the best out there offering training to wellness & yoga business professionals.


Kris Ward-

Started off as a “broke yogi,” (her own words) her vibe is fun and down-to-earth;  I like knowing she struggled for years herself.  Now  she offers coaching and online training programs.  She really specializes in “Lifestyle Design” she really takes you through figuring out how you want to live and working around that to create abundance.  She has a cool video that goes over our “stinkin,’ thinkin”  that limits how we approach life, love and work.  Her newest offering is:  Lifestyle Design Coach Training and Certification Program, for “Those Whose Life’s Work is Helping Others Live Life by Their Own Design.”  Racheal Cook, Faith Hunter, Kathryn Budig have all worked with her.

Alon Sagee-

“As an experienced coach, I will help you grow your business and balance your life in much the same way, while always honoring the yogic values that inform your sensibilities… and occasionally making you laugh.”  Alon has the most raving testimonials of anyone I’ve see.  He’s worked with tons of yoga studios, and seems great at that. Some of the things he teaches:

  • Creating a clear, focused vision for your business
  • Positioning your business in a potentially saturated market
  • Managing your employees
  • Creating additional sources of revenue
  • Choosing a studio space/designing/renovating

Racheal Cook-

She uses her MBA and her yoga training to work with yogi’s and wellness professionals  & studio’s in crafting an entire lifestyle that works for them.  Her vibe is caring and uber organized.  About her:  “you’ll adore my signature program + online mastermind, Conscious Business Design. This big-picture training program was designed to provide essential business design, strategy, and mindful marketing training specifically for healing + helping professionals.”  I’ve personally learned a lot from her.

Cailen Ascher-

Seems great at working with individual teachers especially on uncovering their niche.  And has 1 and 1 coaching and online course called Become a Yoga Brand.  She has an wonderful free 3 Part Business Training as an intro to her work and other helpful information on her site.  Her focus is on helping you get:

  • Clarity about your unique yoga niche & the confidence and tools to make it a reality

  • Ideas about how to transform your teaching, marketing, and overall business strategy by using your niche to your advantage

Kate Connell-

Mastering the Art of Private Teaching is her signature program.  She says: “I support (and cheerlead) private yoga teachers to make meaningful change with their clients. ”   Her aim is to “help yogi’s: Embrace your value as a private yoga teacher.   Her work helps you “discover your message and unique impact as a private yoga teacher and give you the confidence to step into your potential.  A map. A strategy. And a plan to build your private teaching practice and find sustainability long-term and courage to stick with it.”

Francesca Cervero-

A very successful private yoga teacher, she has been teaching a full schedule of private clients (25 a week!) in New York City since 2005.   Francesca has developed such a following she has a wait-list. So with that first hand knowledge she has launched her training on private yoga teaching.  After realizing that “teaching yoga one-on-one requires a different skill set than teaching group classes, and these unique skills are left out of most teacher trainings.”  Her vibe is helpful, clear and focused.  I’ve taught yoga privately too and loved it- but it is different than classes in many ways.

What do you think?  Have you studied with any of these guys- what was your experience like?  Add a comment below.

LIKED THIS POST? Are you a wellness professional? Subscribe & get “10 Tips to Attract New Clients via Website Marketing”:

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What You Don’t Know About Getting Clients Via Your Website Wed, 18 Feb 2015 05:18:50 +0000 Adapted & moved from my former website:

Basically SEO (search engine optimization) helps your yoga or wellness business website to rank higher in search results (SERPS.)  Thus bringing more traffic to your website, from search engines than your competition gets!

Potential clients query Google for things like “private yoga teacher Bethesda,” if you don’t show up on page 1- it’s highly unlikely that person will find you. Often they seek info first, things like “does yoga help back pain?”  If your website has a blog on that and you are near the querant- you may show up on first page- or at least you could if you knew was to do.

This video (3.5 min.) even though it is a few years old gives a great fast overview of what SEO is! If you are a yoga teacher/wellness professional/small business and you want to grow your business online, and increase your website traffic, you may label it “online marketing.” SEO is also called “internet marketing.”

Being seen on the first few pages and ideally page 1 will help bring in a lot more customer calls and queries.
The video covers the basics of SEO, that many business owners especially those with an older (5 years or more) website are not even aware of.  The search landscape changes often, think of Google’s, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates- it’s hard for a business owner to track all of this and run a business.

Even professional seo consultants are constantly doing research and trying things out to increase traffic to a particular website. And seo techniques that “worked” in the past might not be as effective in the future. I only recommend what are called “white hat” techniques, jut think old Westerns, the good guy (gal?) wore white hats.
The basics of SEO start with interesting well written, helpful content.  That’s the first step to grabbing attention online but it’s only a start.

If the search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) can’t read and understand what’s on your website it won’t perform well and they won’t send traffic to your website!

FIND OUT MORE:  Take advantage of my offers, join my email list for tips and get 10 Tips to Improve Website or contact to schedule a time to work together.

Namaste, Kala

Intro Talk@Herbal Shop: Women’s Reproductive Health Thu, 05 Feb 2015 20:43:36 +0000 SPACES ARE LIMITED!

When: Sat Feb. 28th, 2015.   10:30-11:30 am. 

Plus time to browse & shop after.

Where:  Flower Power Herbs & Roots Inc   406 East 9th Street, New York, NY  in East Village, Manhattan.

Part 1: Our group will get a PRIVATE LECTURE on Women’s Health Issues, as it relates to herbs! COME if your perfectly healthy or if you have questions re: your cycle, moods etc.

We will visit one of my fav. herbal shops in NYC- a little treasure in the Village. We will be given a private talk for 1 hour– then time after- (1/2 hr) if you like to peruse & purchase from their high quality herbs. All this while the shop is closed!

They have essential oils, salves, balms, tinctures anything plant related!

These women are amazing-in the depths of their knowledge.

Possible times are after work for future: 7:15 start let me know if that time works, and we an repeat it.

Part 2: Yoga for Women Practices for Chakra’s 1 & 2, after lunch break- this starts 1:00-2:15. Register for 1 or take both as package.


  • RSVP  via (If you do not have Meetup account-you will need to give name, email & join)    OR
  • Pay via PAYPAL (YOU DON’T NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT- credit card is fine)


Delicious Real Food Chocolate Chai Breakfast Smoothie Recipe Sat, 17 Jan 2015 17:37:13 +0000 OK my usual disclaimer- I’m an artist so even when cooking, I don’t measure anything-dream it up mentally first then I taste and adjust- MUCH MORE FUN WAY TO CREATE. You are  creator!

Chocolate Chai (Ginger) Smoothie

1/2 cup ginger tea or Chai tea (decaf or caf your choice)

1/2 c. of cold water- or more (depending how thick you want smoothie)

1 rounded TBLSP raw cacao powder (Navitas brand is great)

1-2 dates (Medjool is best) de-pitted

1 ripe banana (frozen)

1/2- 1 Tblsp natural peanut butter (or almond/cashew/or tahini)

dash cinnamon*

dash dried or fresh ginger*

1 tsp. ground flax seeds*

Ok start by brewing hot tea create a 1/2 cup only from a chai teabag or simmer fresh ginger root 1/2 inch piece chopped in water till you smell ginger (in latter case;) brewing fresh ginger takes about 5 min.  You can use ginger pwd. (this is considered drying to the body, so only use that if you are phelmy, mucusy type.)  Add in 1 (de-pitted) date to soften it, let it sit in brewing tea.  Brew this strong as it will be diluted.  You now have a flavorful tea base.

Add 1/2 cold water to tea brew.  Perfect. Add banana which you’ve broken into few pieces, cacao powder, and even peanut butter (or substitute nut/seed butter.)  BLEND,  till smoothe, add flax seeds if using them. TASTE.  Add more spices now if you like!  And add more water or tea.  Chill if it’s not cold enough. Simple.  And I make this as a quick breakfast, esp if you keep a cold brew of tea ready, then it’s super fast.

I’d love to know what you think of recipe, and any innovations?


  • I find 1 date with a ripe banana makes this quite sweet but- you can add two dates total.  In Ayurveda dates are considered a very nourishing, building food that is good for you if you are tired, rundown.
  • If you use tahini instead of PB, known that it’s a stronger “earthy” flavor.
  • If you have Vita-mix or Blendtec this will go super fast.  But I use hand blender it takes a few minutes and shaking the dates around in mixture.
  • Women’s health:  there are two schools of thought on Flax.  One says it’s estrogenic and thus avoided by women with estrogen dependent reproductive issues- fibroids, breast cancer etc.  The other camp is that plant estrogens- are in fact healthier and most importantly, replace the more troublesome estrogen from meats/dairy etc. in the body.  And thus that camp says flax seeds with the fiber it gives is key to healing those issues….whew.  Almost the way there is “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol.  Esp. women with fibroids, getting more fiber is an issue that most– even conventional doc’s say helps to pull the “bad” estrogens out of the body.   I’m in the latter camp at this point but wanted to point this out.

(image credit: Kasey Shuler cc. lic Flickr) This is my recipe but my pics were too dark to use so I used her image.  See her smoothie recipe which uses oats.

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