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Mars governs Tuesdays! The energy of Mars according to ancient Vedic (Indian) lore is that of inspiring self-confidence, independence and the ability to achieve goals with passion and conviction. Om Kum Kujaya Namaha
The mantra is pronounced “Om Koom Koo jai yah Na ma ha”
108 repetitions can be done on mala beads for 30 or 40 days or longer.
If it’s right for you you will know after a few days. Stop if it increases heat or anger or irritability.

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Vedic Planetary Mantra to Venus: Increase Your Attractive Quality & More Fri, 22 Jul 2016 18:39:33 +0000

Om Shum Shuykraya Namaha.

Friday is ruled by the planetary energy of Venus-Shukra in Vedic astrology.  This is the mantra and this is the yantra (spiritual visual tool.) Just as in Western thought-Venus governs, beauty in all forms-art, people, places, sensuality, reproduction.  This mantra will increase qualities of delight and bliss in daily life. It would be a great mantra for:

  • Type A- driven personality who needs to relax and be in touch with beauty in life
  • Any creative person, artist, writer (anything connected with beauty & refinement)
  • Someone who is negative, depressive not finding joy in life

The yantra is know as the Bliss yantra and is created by me from the book I’ll link to here:
Nine Designs for Inner Peace :
A loose translation (mantras are not really meant to be translated) is:  I honor the positivity and beauty that surround me.  So that awareness will grow in oneself.
There are some cases where it’s not the right mantra though. More info? Get a reading or Crystal Clarity Session.

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Massage Therapy Ithaca: Shiatsu & Summer Season Tips Thu, 07 Jul 2016 16:45:24 +0000
Prefer to read? Here’s the Video Transcript:


Lets explore how to maintain your health with shiatsu massage and simple tips to maintain health in summer.  In TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, (the same root as acupuncture,) summer is correlated with the element of fire. These correspondences categorize everything in the world like food, herbs etc, and is a way to know how to create balance. In our time it is harder to maintain balance, we live a life more divorced from natural world.  But more acute is the speed of life, effects of toxins, such as light, sound and even media that we interact with daily.

Even if we are in a urban environment we are still influenced by the natural world around us, we are still within and ecosystem.

And frankly many health issues are caused by lifestyle choices.  If not caused by then strongly impacted by our choices. This is where basic lifestyle habits and regular shiatsu bodywork can help.

Summer is maximum activity, heat, out-goingness- and governs heart, mind and spirit. Those are areas we can run into trouble.

Imbalanced Fire:

Deficient fire: Lack of joy, depression, feeling sad.  Or excess fire- is “excess joy” meaning manic, hyperactive-especially shown in lots of talking.

Balanced Fire:  energy, drive, joyful in a balanced way.

Foods to Balance:

This is stuff we intuitively know if we are listening!  Best foods in summer are cooling, high in water content, juicy foods like:

  • lettuce, cucumbers, watercress
  • most veggies and fruits, so a balanced mix will be fine (no need to memorize a list)
  • fish rather than heavier meats

Heavy foods according to TCM create heat in the body.  If you don’t believe it try keeping a notebook for a few days, of what you eat and then how you feel a few hours later AND the next day.  Avoid:

  • dairy foods, hard to digest
  • heavy greasy foods, like anything fried
  • alcohol-even in Western medicine long abuse of alcohol leads to liver damage (which TCM calls heat)

Those foods to avoid, can lead to developing some symptoms that you don’t want and you will feel more uncomfortable in the summer.

Here’s a hydrating summer drink:

1 tsp. lime juice

1/2 tsp sugar

pinch rock salt

dissolve into water. It will taste like a bland limeade-and like a flavor of Gatorade.  It has helped folks especially a friend who has leg cramping very often and he finds this helps a lot.

Shiatsu can help us balance the the season.  Based on what things are happening for you, that helps me to know what meridians in the body need support. There may be excess or deficiency of the flow. We are working with the electrical (prana, chi) level of the body.  It’s very profound, helpful and targeted.  It works below the level of muscles and impacts them and all the levels above.

An analogy for what shiatsu massage is, is traffic. If you were in a helicopter looking down at highways- some roads are empty wide open, few cars-that’s a deficient meridian.  In another area you notice a traffic jam-lots of cars but all backed up no movement happening. Perhaps an accident happened (a trauma if we shift to the body.) The latter is an example of a excess/blocked meridian flow.

This is typical in our bodies, too much energy (chi, prana) in one place and not enough in another, for a variety of reasons.  Trauma or illness or long-term habits affect the meridian flow to the organs.

Shiatsu is not a spa massage: meaning it’s not a luxury to just feel good temporarily.  Now regular Swedish/Western massage is great and gives certain benefits, but shiatsu works at deeper level and it’s impact is longer lasting.  A series of treatments is recommended to see benefit.

Why I say shiatsu isn’t a “spa massage” is this:

These techniques developed in China and Japan- it was for the average person who needed to function. It is more about maintaining health-being able to work, farm, have children and not get sick.  It is a modality for maintaining and enhancing your health.  It developed out of the beautiful holistic Taoist systems of creating harmony within by harmonizing with all of life. Stay cool this summer.

If you’d like to book an appointment in Ithaca or have questions.


Massage Ithaca, Massage Therapy. East State Street. Office 5 minutes from downtown, Ithaca Commons, Ithaca, NY. 14850/14853
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Spiritual Tarot/Oracle Reading June 27th- 3rd Mon, 27 Jun 2016 19:09:20 +0000

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Law of Attraction Success Story- How to Get Great Apartment or Home Sun, 19 Jun 2016 01:26:25 +0000

Step by step process to get a new home or apartment I present it in 3 ways:

1. video (8 min.,) 2. written overview & 3. a more detailed step-by step process written out- to get that please subscribe to my list here:

Short Overview:

1. Get out paper write down what you do want, be exact if it’s important to you.

2.  Review it, and see if you left anything out- so trivial stuff don’t write down, but important things that you desire.  In my case I didn’t care if it was ground floor or not.
3. Connect into Source:  Translate this into a way that works for you pray or meditate quietly a few times over days or weeks.
4.  Take Action:  Keep looking in the real world, don’t let up and listen to your intuition!  The intuition is often very quiet- and it won’t argue with you.  It usually comes as a short phrase or word…and seems very calm.

Step by Step Details Process Tip Sheet:

To get a step-by step process please subscribe to my list here: you’ll also get my weekly/bi-weekly newsletter of tips, some not shared on social & exclusive to my peeps only!

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Extrasensory Perception & Intuition, I Know It Exists: Here’s Why Thu, 16 Jun 2016 14:21:15 +0000 The first time I realized I had a gift:

I was working a summer job, cleaning hotel rooms. The job had become routine, as the older ladies had helped me figure out how to clean the huge number rooms without falling behind.  I had gotten so good I sometimes poured myself some leftover coffee from the guest carafe, before starting the room.  So I was pretty relaxed as I worked- though my ears were bothering me.  You see the night before, I had gone out to hear a band and stood in front of huge speakers, the music was so loud my ears were still ringing.

I turned on the water to clean the bathroom sink…and began to hear sounds, bits of conversation, it was in my familiar patois (of my Jamaican family.) I heard “mik kase, mikkase, hurry…”  I got the sense that someone was drowning, panic and fear!  Mik kase (pron.), means “make haste” literally.  The water sounds had clearly triggered this awareness.  I turned off the water, confused.  I leaned on the sink, shaken- “my God what’s happening who’s in danger?”  The whole incident took only about 20 seconds and was gone.

Later that day, I started calling my family members back in NYC.  When I spoke to my mom she assured me everyone was fine. One sister, same nothing wrong. Hmmm…ok I thought, but then I got hold of another sister, I asked “is everyone ok, I got this weird feeling… someone was drowning?”  She replied that in fact my nephew had nearly drowned and had to be rescued, he was fine now.  Days had passed but she hadn’t told my mother.  She hadn’t wanted to scare her.

I had picked up on this, from hundreds of miles away.  So when people deny any type of extrasensory perception, from my own experience I know they are wrong.

Interesting to add to this personal story-apparently black kids drown at a much higher rate!  “Swimming pool drowning rates among school-aged black children are more than five times higher than they are among white kids the same age”

I didn’t know this.  I only found out when I was looking for an image of an African-American child splashing (to use for this post)-that’s when I found it out. See the NPR story here.  There’s also a USA Today story on the phenomena & how how public health officials are working to make a dent in the statistic. Yes my nephew most likely didn’t know how to swim at all!

Why did my intuition kick in?

I wonder that too, honestly I rarely have such dramatic “hits,” it felt like I was witnessing the drowning for those seconds. Clearly the fact that I was splashing water was a trigger, that’s when it started.  Also a bit odd, but I’m sure the hearing damage also was a factor.  It heightened my sense of hearing and what I remember most of those days was the ringing, background sound.  And as I went through my workday I heard outside sounds poorly but “inner” sounds were heightened.  Sound- hearing people screaming was most pronounced then visual was secondary.  And finally it was the family connection, the fact that it was a family member. Those factors all increased the decibel of the knowing and placed it firmly in my field of attention.

If you’d like a intuitive session with me (and about how a session works.)- see my scheduler here.

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I Got the Turtle Oracle Card & Here’s What Happened Tue, 31 May 2016 22:17:36 +0000

I pulled the Turtle Card from the Medicine Cards Deck, in the reversed position (see meaning below.) And I was given a precious gift that righted me.

In Native American teachings, Turtle is the oldest symbol for planet Earth. It is the personification of goddess energy, and the eternal Mother from which our lives evolve.

Turtle-(r) meaning: Mother Earth is calling you to reconnect in some way.

…. If you have been struggling financially or have little to eat, or if you have desired a child and see no pregnancy in the near future, she is your medicine – use it. You are not alone… ever. You are a child of Earth. All acts of pleasure, joy, and abundance are given by the Mother of the creative force. Use her energy to aid you, and you will be healed enough to share this energy with others.”

I felt like “go outside” it was a beautiful day this past Memorial Day weekend.  I had already been out but didn’t settle and restlessly came back in side thinking I have to work.

Walking out I was unsure of where I could sit, as my  yard is mostly paved.  My landlord lovely man that he is, had recently come to mow the lawn- unsuccessfully.  In fact he left basically a square shaped  path amidst  tall grasses, as the mower went kaput.  This magical mower was in fact like a R2D2 thingy remote controlled that he had built. Pretty cool. That experiment was the only strip of clear land which was getting sun, and it was ours but curled around behind a neighbors house.  Feeling awkward, “Oh well they can watch me from their house,” I thought.  I really needed the sunlight.
I felt intuitively drawn  to that spot.  Then I saw it and realized why.  A little fawn.
She was sitting quietly just a few inches in from the mowed area amidst the taller grasses, I didn’t see her till I was literally 5 feet away towering over the little thing.  She looked at me- and I looked at her more startled.
I lowered myself and my bundles very slowly-after standing still for a time; mentally reassuring her that I meant no hurt or harm.  After a few minutes she stood up briefly as if “should I go, this human is awfully close…what does it want?” I held her eyes, sending love and wonder. She sat down again.
Magic.  I spent an hour sitting by this beautiful baby, her eyes rarely left me (at least whenever I looked up) but at once point she half closed her eyes.  We sat almost at eye level- perhaps the stillest human she had encountered in her short life.
I took in the scene of blue sky hitting bright green grasses across the slope of the hill, some low fences off in the distance.  Even with occasional abrasive sound of trucks speeding by…it felt otherworldly.
Midway through quietly reading my book-(this part is so odd as to be unbelievable,) I was interrupted.
Stunned Squirrels
Suddenly two squirrels rushed, spiraling their way up a tree directly in front of me.  The lead squirrel stopped suddenly causing the chaser to also freeze;  the latter’s body only partially visible around the curve of the grey trunk. I looked at them they looked at me- topper literally cocked his head towards me, his little round eyes piercing.  They waited..and waited.  Literally frozen for a minute and I mean literally 1/2 minute to a full, counting 1, and 2, and 3….
I didn’t move. They looked like a snapshot- clearly confused by this sudden sight of a human sitting with a deer- oh, all together odd. Then just as sudden the chase ensued and they were gone from sight. I’d seen squirrels freeze before but this was like a Gothic monumental stopping of time.
I’ve felt the communion of an wild animal before, coming especially when I’ve needed it. This felt like that but even more-poignant. We are never alone in Creation.
I had a beautiful sit in a drizzle with a lone duck one day- another story for later.
PS: Apparently we usually don’t need to intervene, the fawn is ok, I started to wonder why no mama, then thought what mother deer is gonna come so close to a human.  When I went inside the All Mightly Google took me here:  Apparently baby deer are left alone by mom, so she can get food, strengthen and then feed them.  Also something about scent (so cool) the baby has no scent so it wont’ attract predators. Apparently they even tap the youngster (I think on the neck?) to tell it stay here and they do.  This explains why I would find a lone baby just chilling, not even walking around. If all goes well for the fawn, it is possible that she will use the same spot for her the next day.  Also apparently it’s not helpful to try to feed them-more harm than good.
PSS: I went back and the spot of grass was still flattened, but the fawn was gone. Moved to another safe place by momma.


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Intuitive Reading for June 2016 (First 2 Weeks) Sun, 29 May 2016 13:19:33 +0000

Tarot Reading June 2016: (1st week) 1:17
Tarot Reading June 2016 (2nd week): 8:50
Remember you will resonate with a certain reader- we each pull different cards for the month because we pick up on different things/levels in society etc. These are broad readings get a specific reading here:
OK hope this serves you, my first time doing a general reading for a time period versus for a specific person.  I believe you will see this if it will be helpful for you, based on a heart resonance, energetic resonance with me.  So I want to know what you think, do leave I comment I will respond! Adapt this general reading to your life.
Om shanti, shanti shanti

Video Transcript:
Week 1 Tarot Forecast June 2016: 5 swords reversed, 5 of wands reversed, and Moon reversed.  This format is from Biddy Tarot. The layout is the blessings of week, the challenges of the week and last row the course of action (how to deal with the forecast.) So this maybe picking up about politics.  5 of SW. defeat, an underhanded battle is over.  The osho (tarot/divination) deck card of Breakthrough happens relates to the treacherous situation. The challenge, a battle is over so how to establish harmony after this battle.  The course of action, Moon tarot card reversed-Schemes, deceit, or sabotage  and then there is an attempt to hide it or suppress it.  Course of action- Business Venture can mean any new opportunity comes up for them a different way to go forward. If personal.  Drawn out unfair battle ends and you have a breakthrough. Challenge is how to recoup after this how to establish harmony again.  Subconscious (if personal,) or hidden stuff comes up (out) that was being suppressed. As a result an opportunity to go in a new work direction.
Week 2 Tarot Forecast June 2016:
5 of Wands (r) Battle is over you had felt you were in a strong position, there is release from heart break and overwhelming emotion.
Challenge: is to not hide away from the world and withdrawn.  Need to let go: Death card (r) holding on rather than letting what’s over go.
Page of Wands-in position of advice: get involved with something new and creative and in doing that you get free from what was holding you back.  Angel card of Acceptance is the best course of action.  Be Assertive about your needs though even as you accept.
End of reading.
You are powerful and a co-creator with the Divine, ride the flow and stay positive.

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Guided Nature Meditation: Forest Thu, 26 May 2016 21:56:05 +0000
I love sitting in nature and practicing mindfulness. This guided meditation is in nature (forest) with sounds of birds..recorded live not in studio.  It is perfect if you want to feel calm by connecting with nature practicing mindfulness in that setting. The … are pauses, there are quiet points throughout.

Transcript of Nature Meditation:
Welcome to guided meditation, take a few moments to get comfortable in a seated position. Sit nice and tall, breathe in and out. This will be a guided nature meditation, you’ll hear sounds of the forest, folks off in the distance.  Heart open, shoulders relaxed, breathe in again. In through the nose exhale through the mouth a few times.

Allow body to relax. Let go of any tension.

Feel the energy of the earth, feel stable, strong, feeling that support of the earth. Behind your back supporting you is a tall tree soaring overhead.  Breathing…notice pause in between inhale and exhale a few times.  Deep breathing calms the body and mind. Now-let go of any control of the breath-let it be natural now.  Stay focused on your belly. Feel the motion of the belly expanding on inhale and falling on exhale…

Shift attention now to the air around you, on your skin, feel your body from the inside too, notice sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling, movement whatever you see. Shift now to the skin….can you feel sensations a few inches off of your skin?  Go to about arms length-feel or sense your energy all around your body in every direction.  As if your skin has shifted out to arms distance all around you, so you can feel the touch of nature….hearing the sounds, feeling your breath.

Nothing to do…feeling your expanded self…Feel a gentle breeze on the skin, awareness is very wide now, you’re able to sense and feel the energy of the trees that surround you, overhead the leaves shimmering in the sunlight. You see the clear soft blue of the sky..the sounds in all directions…Feeling that connected, that expanded self-as if you’re energy, see it as a color or an energy, your aura with it you are able to touch into and feel the energy of the trees.  Feel and sense into that Unity of the sounds, birds, water off in the distance.  The sounds together the aliveness, the grass underneath you the roots of the tree around you as you sit.  Each breath is like the breath of the forest breathing…dragonfly goes by, squirrels rustling in the distance. All of that happening all at once. In an open field of awareness.
Relax, nothing to do…

Feeling the interconnection of all the beings around you, all of the life forms, plants, insects. The very air itself moving and flowing-breathing that in feeling nourished.  Any tension completely melts out of the body.
As we get ready to transition, take a deep breath-hold it, exhale via mouth. Let out a soft sound.  BRing awareness back to  your skin your arms and legs. Pulling your awareness back in. Feel ground underneath you back in the actual space where you are sitting.

Feeling grounded, relaxed and peaceful. Streath the arms, open the eyes.  Om shanti…Peace. Have a blessed day.

Namaste, Kala

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Online Tarot Card Readings Sun, 22 May 2016 10:00:41 +0000 It may seem weird, “how can someone who isn’t sitting with me do a tarot card reading?”  Well if they are intuitive there is no reason that you need to be in the same place as you!

This is great as you can find a tarot reader online more easily;  someone who you vibe with, working anywhere in the world. And using the internet to find someone makes sense, because you can research them and take in their writings/videos to see if you resonate with them first.

More info & book a consultation.

My intuitive tarot reading is done over the phone or online via Skype.  Since I tune in to the person’s higher self, and their guides/angels, there is no reason for me to see them. In fact seeing the person can be distracting-as we all grow up using our vision to make “rational” judgements about the world.  But an intuitive is drawing information from other non-physical sources.  In fact I’m highly emphatic-the distance helps me stay grounded.  Not seeing the person stops me from forming any preconceptions, and in fact I like to have a clear question only not a lot of background information before I do the consultation.

During the time I’m speaking with the client live, then we can have a conversation as it relates to the tarot/divination reading.

My tarot and oracle readings are about empowering you to make the best decisions for you. I believe we are in co-creation with the Divine. 

We don’t do everything ourselves-we do our part on many levels then we let it go… Events, people, situations happen, our job is to surf the waves of life swirling around us.  Tarot and other divination tools like Goddess or Animal Guidance decks help give us access to other dimensions and often information that we may already know on some level.

How is my work is different?

I am a spiritual seeker first. My decades of practice of yoga, yogic breathing & concentration practices and mindfulness meditation in the Buddhist tradition, set me apart.  I’m told over and over that I was a nun/monk in past lives- yeah..lots of echoes of that in my life. I also had some wilder lives but hey it’s all about balance.

I see my work doing divination as spiritual coaching, coaxing you to take the baby steps forward into the life of your dreams.  There is no doom and gloom or judgement, instead we use these divination tools as they were meant to be- to help you co-create, to manifest to grow into the amazing human being you came here to be.  You always have the power to shift things or at least be aware so you can respond rather than react!

Get in touch, get on my calendar. Let’s talk!  And let’s listen to Spirit.NYC Yogini & Intuitive

More info & book a consultation.


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Benefits of Shiatsu Massage For New Moms, Post-partum Thu, 05 May 2016 21:42:12 +0000
Shiatsu in Ithaca for New Mom

Massage can help new mom’s energy, health & wellbeing.

A Post-natal massage or, Postpartum Massage search may have sent you here. I”m a bodyworker specializing in shiatsu massage. Shiatsu (she-AT-SU) is a bit different than regular “massage.” The benefits of shiatsu for the new mom are many and I believe even more helpful than typical Swedish or Western style massage. I’ll say why in this article. I’m now based in Ithaca, NY. If you are local, feel free to contact me- if you’d like to book an appointment  or have questions.

Why Mom’s Need Massage Post-partum:

The time after the birth of a baby is so important for the child and mother and of course the whole family. There are so many stresses, whether natural birth or C-section you have bodily issues and discomfort to deal with post-partum. And this at a time when you need to give full and constant attention to the newborn, changing diapers and feeding every few hours.

If family has now left and a partner is back to work, the woman may be left alone all day with the new baby. This at a time when you are exhausted from the birth and perhaps poor sleep for months before that. Now with the baby you are waking up in the night and unable to catch up on much needed sleep. It truly is perhaps the most stressful period of a woman’s life, emotionally and physically.

How Shiatsu Can Help Post-partum Moms:

Carrying and creating a child within ones body is obviously the a most amazing act! Basically the mother is using her energy to create this new being! Her body is literally being taxed, and drawn upon to create this new life. This causes basically a “withdrawal” of her Chi and Jing. These are names for the basic life forces in the body. In traditional Chinese Medicine which is the basis of acupuncture and shiatsu-this period of pregnancy extensively uses up, the mom to be’s energy. The Kidney energy, and Stomach Spleen, energy are often especially depleted I find. Remember many organs that were literally pushed out of the way are regaining their tone and optimal function: the intestines, bladder etc.

Shiatsu unlike regular Western type massage, goes deeper than kneading muscles which has benefits as well. But Shiatsu massage for the post-partum mom can target specific meridians (lines of energy in the body,) where energy is depleted. A skilled shiatsu therapist has several methods to find which meridians are the weakest. Points on these energy lines are stimulated and tonified (built up.)

Over the course of even a few sessions, the new mom begins to feel a rejuvenation of her energy, a sense of calmness and stability that she had not had. Even after one session most people report feeling calm and deeply relaxed. To build up the energy account of the post-partum woman takes time. I recommend a minimum of 3 treatments to really rebuild the woman’s energy. This is absolutely the best gift for the entire family: the benefits of shiatsu post-partum will show as increased calm, patience, better sleep, and overall energy of the mom. This of course will impact the well being and happiness of the entire family and household. The new mom will find her stamina, sleep quality and calmness increasing with each shiatsu treatment. I invite you to give it a try by contacting me.

Massage Ithaca, Shiatsu Massage Therapy. East State Street. Office 5 minutes from downtown, Ithaca Commons, Ithaca, NY. 14850/14853
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Spring Tarot Reading Sale & A Mini-Meditation Mon, 02 May 2016 04:14:30 +0000

Here’s the link to page to book a session: Intuitive Readings.

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Amazing Ted Talk by Psychologist on Our Minds Fri, 01 Apr 2016 02:44:33 +0000

I love this Ted talk- her accent is also fun. But most important here is someone Western scientific background saying what Louise Hay and all the “New Age” authors stress- the power of the mind. And she’s worked with public, world famous clients.  She has a free audio if you join her list- get it here. It’s cute but I”m sure it works, I literally felt better the 1st time I listened-even though her accent again makes it sound almost jokey.. Here’s the link to get free guided hypnotic audio:


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Affirmation: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect… Thu, 24 Mar 2016 16:44:25 +0000

As you may know I do intuitive readings and of course I do them for myself too. I got today you are to share your spiritual knowledge to help others.  Sound & voice was suggested via beautiful Dolphin animal cards (I’ll add it in below.)  For months I’d been wanting to use my voice in some way…The reading said “Courage,” (angel cards,) “Strength” major arcana tarot.  Along with the Goddess card decks, High Priestess card as the central message.  The final Osho deck card showed “No-thingness'” meaning the beginning of something- to give birth but scary as you don’t know what it will be… so I acted and this is the first affirmation that came to me.

Have a Blessed day!

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Shakti & Need for Balance in the World Thu, 17 Mar 2016 15:02:03 +0000

It is as if a pendulum has swung too far in one direction and now must swing the other way.


means power to act, create and enliven it’s counter point is Shiva, basically Yin & Yang present in all things in an eternal dance.  Shakti is most strongly manifested in the female.

Yet- we are out of balance, the Divine Feminine is only now coming again to the forefront to create balance in the world….

A few years ago around 2011 forward,  I began to feel aware that women’s power-cosmic Goddess energy would be on the increase and was needed to balance the violence and disharmony on the planet.  I kept getting the phrase the Divine Feminine-honestly I didn’t even know what that meant!  The phrase kept rumbling around in my head.  There began to be female teachers online using that phrase.

And I got a little more clarity…eventually I told friends what I saw would happen- and it has already begun, things that I mentioned began to happen and quickly.  As a result too of the Feminine which has to do with acceptance-I predicted the increasing openness for African-American women in media.  This quickly came to be with the rise of actress Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, then Lupita Nyong’o blew up as well.  This may seem minor if you are not of African descent, yet prior to Washington I believe it was decades since a major TV how had a black female lead-decades!  The awareness and acceptance of gay relationships/families and gay marriage is also part of this energetic movement- towards acceptance, openness, plurality.

Also politically-women running for highest office being taken seriously in U.S. Hilary Clinton and in Germany for example with Chancellor Angela Merkel.  The election of Barack Obama was part of this wave, many thought the election of someone of African-American descent was not possible yet in America.

In many areas and spheres of life- the Feminine is arising to create balance- many of the world movements towards, justice, fairness anything heart based rather than fear based, can be sourced by the Feminine consciousness.  A note both men and women will need to integrate this.  But women will lead.  This will be positive for men and women on the planet.

It is as if a pendulum has swung too far in one direction and now must swing the other way.

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