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I love this Ted talk- her accent is also fun. But most important here is someone Western scientific background saying what Louise Hay and all the “New Age” authors stress- the power of the mind. And she’s worked with public, world famous clients.  She has a free audio if you join her list- get it here. It’s cute but I”m sure it works, I literally felt better the 1st time I listened-even though her accent again makes it sound almost jokey.. Here’s the link to get free guided hypnotic audio:


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Inspirational Quote on the Divine Feminine Fri, 29 Jul 2016 00:10:33 +0000 Continue reading

In tantra, the mother is known as divine energy and we call her Devi. All women have Devi attached to their names, signifying their role as bearers of divine energy. In a family, even a little girl is regarded as an embodiment of divine energy.

Therefore, aspire to be a mother, but not only the mother of a child; become the universal divine Shakti.

 Swami Satyananda Saraswati takes you to the complete article.  I found the quote via a lovely blog on conscious spiritual mothering-relating to the deeper teachings of Yoga here at

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Vedic Planetary Mantra to Venus: Increase Your Attractive Quality & More Fri, 22 Jul 2016 18:39:33 +0000 Continue reading


Om Shum Shuykraya Namaha.

Friday is ruled by the planetary energy of Venus-Shukra in Vedic astrology.  This is the mantra and this is the yantra (spiritual visual tool.) Just as in Western thought-Venus governs, beauty in all forms-art, people, places, sensuality, reproduction.  This mantra will increase qualities of delight and bliss in daily life. It would be a great mantra for:

  • Type A- driven personality who needs to relax and be in touch with beauty in life
  • Any creative person, artist, writer (anything connected with beauty & refinement)
  • Someone who is negative, depressive not finding joy in life

The yantra is know as the Bliss yantra and is created by me from the book I’ll link to here:
Nine Designs for Inner Peace :
A loose translation (mantras are not really meant to be translated) is:  I honor the positivity and beauty that surround me.  So that awareness will grow in oneself.
There are some cases where it’s not the right mantra though. More info? Get a reading or Crystal Clarity Session.

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Massage Therapy Ithaca: Shiatsu & Summer Season Tips Thu, 07 Jul 2016 16:45:24 +0000 Continue reading


Prefer to read? Here’s the Video Transcript:


Lets explore how to maintain your health with shiatsu massage and simple tips to maintain health in summer.  In TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, (the same root as acupuncture,) summer is correlated with the element of fire. These correspondences categorize everything in the world like food, herbs etc, and is a way to know how to create balance. In our time it is harder to maintain balance, we live a life more divorced from natural world.  But more acute is the speed of life, effects of toxins, such as light, sound and even media that we interact with daily.

Even if we are in a urban environment we are still influenced by the natural world around us, we are still within and ecosystem.

And frankly many health issues are caused by lifestyle choices.  If not caused by then strongly impacted by our choices. This is where basic lifestyle habits and regular shiatsu bodywork can help.

Summer is maximum activity, heat, out-goingness- and governs heart, mind and spirit. Those are areas we can run into trouble.

Imbalanced Fire:

Deficient fire: Lack of joy, depression, feeling sad.  Or excess fire- is “excess joy” meaning manic, hyperactive-especially shown in lots of talking.

Balanced Fire:  energy, drive, joyful in a balanced way.

Foods to Balance:

This is stuff we intuitively know if we are listening!  Best foods in summer are cooling, high in water content, juicy foods like:

  • lettuce, cucumbers, watercress
  • most veggies and fruits, so a balanced mix will be fine (no need to memorize a list)
  • fish rather than heavier meats

Heavy foods according to TCM create heat in the body.  If you don’t believe it try keeping a notebook for a few days, of what you eat and then how you feel a few hours later AND the next day.  Avoid:

  • dairy foods, hard to digest
  • heavy greasy foods, like anything fried
  • alcohol-even in Western medicine long abuse of alcohol leads to liver damage (which TCM calls heat)

Those foods to avoid, can lead to developing some symptoms that you don’t want and you will feel more uncomfortable in the summer.

Here’s a hydrating summer drink:

1 tsp. lime juice

1/2 tsp sugar

pinch rock salt

dissolve into water. It will taste like a bland limeade-and like a flavor of Gatorade.  It has helped folks especially a friend who has leg cramping very often and he finds this helps a lot.

Shiatsu can help us balance the the season.  Based on what things are happening for you, that helps me to know what meridians in the body need support. There may be excess or deficiency of the flow. We are working with the electrical (prana, chi) level of the body.  It’s very profound, helpful and targeted.  It works below the level of muscles and impacts them and all the levels above.

An analogy for what shiatsu massage is, is traffic. If you were in a helicopter looking down at highways- some roads are empty wide open, few cars-that’s a deficient meridian.  In another area you notice a traffic jam-lots of cars but all backed up no movement happening. Perhaps an accident happened (a trauma if we shift to the body.) The latter is an example of a excess/blocked meridian flow.

This is typical in our bodies, too much energy (chi, prana) in one place and not enough in another, for a variety of reasons.  Trauma or illness or long-term habits affect the meridian flow to the organs.

Shiatsu is not a spa massage: meaning it’s not a luxury to just feel good temporarily.  Now regular Swedish/Western massage is great and gives certain benefits, but shiatsu works at deeper level and it’s impact is longer lasting.  A series of treatments is recommended to see benefit.

Why I say shiatsu isn’t a “spa massage” is this:

These techniques developed in China and Japan- it was for the average person who needed to function. It is more about maintaining health-being able to work, farm, have children and not get sick.  It is a modality for maintaining and enhancing your health.  It developed out of the beautiful holistic Taoist systems of creating harmony within by harmonizing with all of life. Stay cool this summer.

If you’d like to book an appointment in Ithaca or have questions.


Massage Ithaca, Massage Therapy. East State Street. Office 5 minutes from downtown, Ithaca Commons, Ithaca, NY. 14850/14853
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Benefits of Shiatsu Massage For New Moms, Post-partum Thu, 05 May 2016 21:42:12 +0000 Continue reading

Shiatsu in Ithaca for New Mom

Massage can help new mom’s energy, health & wellbeing.

A Post-natal massage or, Postpartum Massage search may have sent you here. I”m a bodyworker specializing in shiatsu massage. Shiatsu (she-AT-SU) is a bit different than regular “massage.” The benefits of shiatsu for the new mom are many and I believe even more helpful than typical Swedish or Western style massage. I’ll say why in this article. I’m now based in Ithaca, NY. If you are local, feel free to contact me- if you’d like to book an appointment  or have questions.

Why Mom’s Need Massage Post-partum:

The time after the birth of a baby is so important for the child and mother and of course the whole family. There are so many stresses, whether natural birth or C-section you have bodily issues and discomfort to deal with post-partum. And this at a time when you need to give full and constant attention to the newborn, changing diapers and feeding every few hours.

If family has now left and a partner is back to work, the woman may be left alone all day with the new baby. This at a time when you are exhausted from the birth and perhaps poor sleep for months before that. Now with the baby you are waking up in the night and unable to catch up on much needed sleep. It truly is perhaps the most stressful period of a woman’s life, emotionally and physically.

How Shiatsu Can Help Post-partum Moms:

Carrying and creating a child within ones body is obviously the a most amazing act! Basically the mother is using her energy to create this new being! Her body is literally being taxed, and drawn upon to create this new life. This causes basically a “withdrawal” of her Chi and Jing. These are names for the basic life forces in the body. In traditional Chinese Medicine which is the basis of acupuncture and shiatsu-this period of pregnancy extensively uses up, the mom to be’s energy. The Kidney energy, and Stomach Spleen, energy are often especially depleted I find. Remember many organs that were literally pushed out of the way are regaining their tone and optimal function: the intestines, bladder etc.

Shiatsu unlike regular Western type massage, goes deeper than kneading muscles which has benefits as well. But Shiatsu massage for the post-partum mom can target specific meridians (lines of energy in the body,) where energy is depleted. A skilled shiatsu therapist has several methods to find which meridians are the weakest. Points on these energy lines are stimulated and tonified (built up.)

Over the course of even a few sessions, the new mom begins to feel a rejuvenation of her energy, a sense of calmness and stability that she had not had. Even after one session most people report feeling calm and deeply relaxed. To build up the energy account of the post-partum woman takes time. I recommend a minimum of 3 treatments to really rebuild the woman’s energy. This is absolutely the best gift for the entire family: the benefits of shiatsu post-partum will show as increased calm, patience, better sleep, and overall energy of the mom. This of course will impact the well being and happiness of the entire family and household. The new mom will find her stamina, sleep quality and calmness increasing with each shiatsu treatment. I invite you to give it a try by contacting me.

Massage Ithaca, Shiatsu Massage Therapy. East State Street. Office 5 minutes from downtown, Ithaca Commons, Ithaca, NY. 14850/14853
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Affirmation: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect… Thu, 24 Mar 2016 16:44:25 +0000 Continue reading


As you may know I do intuitive readings and of course I do them for myself too. I got today you are to share your spiritual knowledge to help others.  Sound & voice was suggested via beautiful Dolphin animal cards (I’ll add it in below.)  For months I’d been wanting to use my voice in some way…The reading said “Courage,” (angel cards,) “Strength” major arcana tarot.  Along with the Goddess card decks, High Priestess card as the central message.  The final Osho deck card showed “No-thingness'” meaning the beginning of something- to give birth but scary as you don’t know what it will be… so I acted and this is the first affirmation that came to me.

Have a Blessed day!

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Shakti & Need for Balance in the World Thu, 17 Mar 2016 15:02:03 +0000 Continue reading


It is as if a pendulum has swung too far in one direction and now must swing the other way.


means power to act, create and enliven it’s counter point is Shiva, basically Yin & Yang present in all things in an eternal dance.  Shakti is most strongly manifested in the female.

Yet- we are out of balance, the Divine Feminine is only now coming again to the forefront to create balance in the world….

A few years ago around 2011 forward,  I began to feel aware that women’s power-cosmic Goddess energy would be on the increase and was needed to balance the violence and disharmony on the planet.  I kept getting the phrase the Divine Feminine-honestly I didn’t even know what that meant!  The phrase kept rumbling around in my head.  There began to be female teachers online using that phrase.

And I got a little more clarity…eventually I told friends what I saw would happen- and it has already begun, things that I mentioned began to happen and quickly.  As a result too of the Feminine which has to do with acceptance-I predicted the increasing openness for African-American women in media.  This quickly came to be with the rise of actress Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, then Lupita Nyong’o blew up as well.  This may seem minor if you are not of African descent, yet prior to Washington I believe it was decades since a major TV how had a black female lead-decades!  The awareness and acceptance of gay relationships/families and gay marriage is also part of this energetic movement- towards acceptance, openness, plurality.

Also politically-women running for highest office being taken seriously in U.S. Hilary Clinton and in Germany for example with Chancellor Angela Merkel.  The election of Barack Obama was part of this wave, many thought the election of someone of African-American descent was not possible yet in America.

In many areas and spheres of life- the Feminine is arising to create balance- many of the world movements towards, justice, fairness anything heart based rather than fear based, can be sourced by the Feminine consciousness.  A note both men and women will need to integrate this.  But women will lead.  This will be positive for men and women on the planet.

It is as if a pendulum has swung too far in one direction and now must swing the other way.

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Balance Your Yoga, Try a Kickboxing Class in NYC Tue, 07 Jul 2015 19:17:43 +0000 Continue reading

Hey all it’s been a while since I posted, it’s hot here in the Big Apple!  I’ve been focused on creative pursuits including my writing for a bit.  I do have lots of healthy quick juice n’ smoothie recipes to share soon.

In the mean time though part of why I didn’t post is that I’ve gotten a bit bored with my yoga practice! Yes this can happen even to teachers, and I wanted to post on ways to keep going when that inevitably happens.  That will be my next post, multiple strategies to not give up on yoga!

One thing I wanted to share in that regard is to try something new!  Often when we feel bored with an activity it’s because whatever it is, has become routine and not in a good way.  I was looking for ways to balance out my yoga practice.  I don’t know if any of my NYC readers have tried kickboxing?  I recently heard about this new fitness trend here in NYC called Beat Box Fitness.  It’s really cool- it’s got live music spun by a DJ, so it’s really high energy.  It’s kickboxing movements- all cardio intensive,  jabbing, punching and playful.   So you really work up a good healthy sweat.

This is great for my local readers, Beat Box Fitness is in Manhattan on 8th Ave. between 35th & 36th, which is luckily easy to get to.  I don’t know if they are in other cities yet.  Check out their schedule and more info at

Kickboxing classes are becoming more popular in NYC, I think it fits the personality and energy of the city.  We get bored easily and have a lot of energy!

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Yoga Salons (Where Yoga & Culture Collide) Wed, 08 Apr 2015 18:32:23 +0000 Continue reading

Envisioned for the 30+ urban dweller looking for a fun, social yet sophisticated way to meet new people and spend the evening!


I got inspired to offer what I’m calling a Yoga Salon: An blend of a social yoga class (for all levels, all bodies) followed by a talk/mixer with an artist, writer or other Creative!


The way the word “salon” is used here refers to the original historical meaning- “a gathering of artists, writers, intellectuals to discuss ideas…” Think Gertrude Stein having Picasso over for a smoke n’ some gin!

Honestly it’s something I’d like so I decided maybe others would too!


ForEmailSignatureHi, my name is Kala, a bit about me will tell you why this brainstorm hit!  I worked at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)  in the Education dept. mostly with kids.

Teens where my favorite as they would be quite funny and honest in their comments.

Then until a few years ago I was a professor- teaching painting and drawing in upstate New York, the kids were great fun & I’d take them on trips to NYC to see galleries.

I’m also a yoga teacher, got certified in 1994!  And even ran a small studio back in the 2000’s.


When: Saturday MAY 2nd. 5- 7:00 PM.  Timed so you can grab a nice meal afterwards in Chelsea, the Village or Midtown!

Where:  A Lovely Studio in Chelsea (West 20’s-NYC) location:  NOT FINALIZED YET But will be in Chelsea.

yoga teacher featured in magazines (LOGO's)


You have an interest in art yet may be intimidated by gallery scene and snootiness.  We’ll have none of that here.  I know about that having worked in a world class museum- and having gone to many a snooty gallery in my time.

  • First a fun, body positive, refreshing yoga class.  No yoga expertise needed!  No pretzels (ok ok, just don’t show off about it 😉  You’ll feel fabulous….
  • Then:  a guest Creative will bring samples of their work, talk about it and give you a chance to ask questions, get a beverage (non-alcoholic) and chill.

Note:  Group size is limited each time! RSVP with payment required to hold your space.  We will meet in spaces in the East Village, Chelsea or Midtown Manhattan.

GET early bird DISCOUNT — REGISTER NOW for : $35 per.  After SUNDAY 4/26  full price: $40!


Blank space filler

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Intuitive Readings: Tarot, Goddess & Isis Divination Mon, 30 Mar 2015 04:06:07 +0000 Continue reading

IMG_0694 - Version 2Page moved here:


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A Response to Hilary Clinton Practices Yoga Article, Re: Intolerance Fri, 20 Mar 2015 19:12:14 +0000 Continue reading

Response I wrote in comments over at Washington Post, on story that Hilary Clinton “does yoga.”  There were of course the political responses plus one deriding yoga in the West.  My comment below was aimed at the latter.  (I also added the cheeky photo that accompanies this post.)

I’d love to be Hilary’s private yoga teacher, I’m in NYC Hil, I”m discreet, experienced and make it fun. Unlike some on this thread- the deeper teachings of yoga are about acceptance, equanimity and love. The practice which has many levels can/is helpful in so many ways from physical, to mental and emotional and ultimately spiritual. It’s not just for any 1 kind of person. There are a lot of silly yoga stereotypes out there. As a black woman from working class bkgrnd, I was initially years ago –often the only person of color, when I took classes. I started with books from library. Yoga is a self-care gift for all and is not a religion, certainly not as practiced in the West. You can be any religion and practice yoga, any elements that 1 feels are too “Hindu,” (as that is the cultural origin) can be removed if they make someone uncomfortable. It’s like eating at a Japanese restaurant doesn’t make you Japanese or whatever. In fact intolerance is the antithesis of Yoga. Namaste all.


I was responding to a comment that yoga should be more exclusive in that  it’s “Hindu” so I’m giving my two cents.  Yoga originated in a primarily Hindu culture, but to accept what commenter says would lead to a world where we are each limited to the box or beliefs, culture and norms that we are born into.  Obviously that is not the hyper-connected world  we now live in.

Even more important yoga is a spiritual tradition and practice that truly transcends race, gender, culture, even time period (I’m talking in it’s full depth here Yoga as opposed to yoga.  The practices are ultimately about transcendence and reaching our highest potential as Divine beings in a Divine universe.

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Post Yoga Smoothie Recipe #4: Chocolate Banana Wed, 11 Mar 2015 00:15:04 +0000 Continue reading

Continue reading

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Beautiful Video of Mom Doing Yoga w/Kids Playing Mon, 09 Mar 2015 17:07:05 +0000 Continue reading

This was so sweet- I first saw it over at the Yogipreneur, Racheal Cooks site, and it moved me so much-even though I’m not a mom.  I’ve taken care of little ones.

Then I found this quote on a Yoga Meditations calender:

Practicing with total attention within the body is advanced Yoga, no matter how easy the posture;  practicing with your attention scattered is the practice of a beginner, no matter how difficult the posture. ~ H. David Coulter

Her attention is in the present moment- most advanced! her children, her surroundings, their need to play and feel loved.  All while she continues her physical practice.

And the music is so awesome it’s by: Alexi Murdoch called “Orange Sky.”

Namaste, Kala

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What’s the Cost of Private Yoga Sessions? Fri, 06 Mar 2015 22:41:12 +0000 Continue reading

There are plenty of reasons you may want to have private yoga lessons, one-on-one yoga at home or perhaps in your office.

But since you are here your primary concern is: what are the costs of hiring a private yoga instructor?  As a certified yoga teacher since 1994, my aim is to answer the question but also the questions behind it.  What does pricing reflect, how is it calculated and so on!  I hope this is helpful.

Private Yoga Teacher Pricing:

I’m based in NYC, and along with cities in California, and perhaps Boston,  the prices here are probably the highest in the country for the reasons you would expect.  One, the cost of living is really high in big cities like Boston, NYC, LA, and cost of trainings in those areas are also higher;  and the incomes of clients are also higher than elsewhere.  So average rates in towns or small cities will be less.

So the rates mentioned here hold generally for those areas, I’ll mention exceptions below.

Rates private yoga average:

$75-150* per lesson

Yoga teachers like massage therapists are heart centered they love what they do and have spent thousands of dollars to get trained (certified.)  That said, it is also very difficult to make a living as a yoga teacher. Most are part-time only, as yoga studios in order to break even, often pay rather low wages per class.  So the vast majority of yoga teachers, teach in several locations and may have some private clients just to make it to part-time.

Main private yoga page.

How are costs for a private yoga lesson calculated and why might they vary?  And why they may be even higher.*

Experience: costs vary depending in great part on how experienced the yoga teacher is.  A brand new teacher coming out of the teacher training should be on the lower end of the spectrum.  A teacher who has been at it for 5/10 or even 20 years-obviously brings more to the table and rates will likely be higher.

An experienced teacher has most likely taken extensive continuing education in yoga and related fields (see below,) and has surpassed 500 hours of training over the years.  Also obviously their personal practice of yoga has been for more years- that is a huge bonus they bring to teaching.

Training:  The basic yoga teacher certification is 200hrs.  Some teachers get an additional 300hrs, and so will show a 500 hour certification.  But there are other important factors to look for.

  • A 200 hr teacher may be excellent, because of:  lots of experience teaching and working with different bodies.  As well as simply a better teacher by sensitivity and temperament than someone with a 500 hr. certification.  When I auditioned teachers this was sometimes the case.
  • Also some yoga teachers have training additionally as massage therapists and that gives additionally hundreds of hours of training in the human body, anatomy etc.  I’ve studied more about working with the body via massage therapy and my program was 1,000 hours and cost five figures to attend.
  • Some teachers have a dance, pilates, or other somatic related background that brings knowledge to their basic certification.

Reputation:  You will pay more for a teacher who is well known-perhaps they have released dvds, or been featured in the paper or Yoga Journal.  They will cost more, as the publicity has made them more sought after, higher demand.  The same way a star baseball player earns more.  Just like a star player, they may not be the best for you;  does their teaching style, temperament match your needs?  They may look great doing an advanced pose but if you have back pain, and are sedentary, will they be able to alter their teaching for you?

Distance/Time:  Another factor that plays in the pricing is your distance from the traveling yoga teachers home base.  If you are in a suburb where s/he has no other clients and transportation takes time- then it may be more costly.  If on the other hand you are in a city and they come in to see several clients, the cost might be less.  Also some teachers charge more if you require early morning sessions or later in evening.

Frequency:  A final factor is how often you are booking the yoga teacher.  It’s common practice just like with massage therapists, for 1 individual session to be the most expensive.

But buying a group of 6, 8 or even 10 sessions drops the price.   The reason for this is the practitioner has a better handle on their cash flow, and so they reward regular clients with discount. And honestly with time the yoga teacher will get to know you and be better able to support your health, wellness or other goal more specifically.

And for the client in the case of yoga you usually get a set time that they see their teacher every week, and that time like with a therapist is held for you.

Why do some teachers not have prices on website?

Hiring Yoga Teacher Directly:  Since yoga teachers may be working independently like other contractors- whether it’s  a home builder or other service- they may be reluctant to put a flat price.  After seeing above you can see that there are variables in pricing.  Also they may feel simply putting prices will put people off or is private and they prefer to meet you, perhaps offer a complimentary session and discuss your needs.  For example is this a one time event, like a party, how many students will be there etc.?

Yoga Studios- providing private yoga–  prices are usually on the website, and usually there is the option of a private session at the studio or in your location.  The same variables often apply, for example one popular studio here in NYC clearly states “senior” teachers cost more.  Usually you are invited to fill out a form to be contacted.

Got questions?  I do have a referral service where I’ve vetted, and auditioned yoga teachers from various styles.   They are available for private yoga sessions in NYC (Manhattan & parts of Brooklyn.)  Go to to see them or contact me here.

Yoga teachers in the NYC or even elsewhere do comment or email me privately, I’d love to know you thoughts re: pricing your services in your area.

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How to Promote Your Services & Increase Website Traffic for Free Wed, 04 Mar 2015 01:49:32 +0000 Continue reading


55% more site visitors* for companies that blog, according to a Hubspot study.  It’s part of any SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

If you find this helpful please share it via email or social media. 

Why add a blog to your website?

  • Websites rank better in search engines, if they have more info and fresh content. A blog on your yoga, massage therapy or wellness website can achieve both.
  • Appeals to customers needs.  Folks search on line to find a solution to a problem.  Your blog can basically be like answering FAQ’s, thus providing value for the potential customers.  This separates you from the competition.  People will tend to trust those who show they can address their concerns.

What is a blog?

Basically a series of “posts” or short articles on various topics, usually sequenced in order from newest to oldest.  A website used to be rather static (relatively unchanging) thing.   But as technology made it easier to add fresh content-the distinction between a blog and a website now is blurry- a blog is a type of website or it can be 1 part of a website alongside more stable content.

How to Start the Blog?

If your website is built using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress,  Joomla or DRupal-it means you can add content easily.

  1. Contact your designer if you are unsure of how to add a new page to your site and make the minor adjustment to make it show the “blog posts”- that you will be adding.
  2. If the term “blog” doesn’t appeal to you or sound professional enough, then-some possible names for the page that will show the posts are:
  • Updates
  • Latest
  • Latest News

What to Write About

I like to educate by giving examples as it’s often easiest way.  So I’ll use some sample businesses.

  1. Do think of your new blog as an extended FAQ-at first.  Make your first post address a common customer question-and that can provide many posts down the line.  It will help you get inside the head of customers.  What problems are they having that you solve?
  2. Examples:
    • If you’re a yoga teacher specializing in yoga for special needs kids-add lots of info to speak to parents of those kids.   Pictures of you working with the kids.  Easy summation of benefits of yoga for special needs kids.
    • Profile a long standing employee.  Or a long time customer?  I’ve seen yoga studios do profile of a student.
    • Massage therapist?  Tie in with a current event-did someone famous announce a health issue or problem that you have knowledge of?
    • Review a product-with a clear disclaimer to protect yourself.  Maybe you are a massage therapist doing sports massage-discuss some great products and why you use it.
    • Showcase a recent success story-a problem you helped to solve for a client.  In above example, maybe you helped a runner post-race to recover more quickly.

 How Often to Post?

As a small business owner myself I understand  you are busy, and basically can always find some work to do!  That’s why you are an entrepreneur.

  • I would say a minimum of 1x a month or bi-monthly.  Even better 1x a week.
  • Honestly it’s hard to be conclusive because, if your business has lots of competitors  and you are in a major city-then you need to do more-blog more to stand out.  You will also need ongoing SEO.
  • If you are in a small city or less competitive business-the 1x week till you have a bunch of posts can hold you ranking well for a year or more….it’s all hard to predict.

Contact me with questions or read a bit about my affordable SEO Consulting Services, I will be honest with you if you are in a small metro area, non-competitive it’s easier to make you stand out and priced accordingly.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere for some clients they simply needed a better website (not fancy but clear and brings in customers) and that was enough to put them on page 1!  It all depends.

Business Blogging Resources:

Blogging Best Practices at Hubspot

Need more ideas?  Check out this post on 100 Practical Ideas for Small Business Blog Posts, to stimulate your own blog post writing..

Regards, Kala.

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