Video of Yoga Chant for Joy, Prosperity and Contentment

After doing my vinyasa yoga practice and then some Kundalini yoga via Gururattana streaming video;  I was researching a chant that she ended the yoga practice with.   The particular Kundalini yoga class was focused on Taurus and cultivating a sense of gratitude and satisfaction.  While doing so I found this short YouTube video of this lovely rendition of the chant.

The woman “Amirasolmaia,” her voice is absolutely angelic! I felt energy moving in my crown chakra as she began to chant.  I think she is plugged in, meaning some people in whatever thier expression are so open that they are channeling Divine Grace.  The chant is called the “Chotay Pad Mantra,” performed in the video below. It resonates with me as well because years ago, over a decade I was told by a very respected Yogi-Alan Finger, who originally owned Yoga Zone and started his own branch/style of yoga “Ishta Yoga”-that I should do a particular chant.  It included reference to Narayana though it was not this exact chant.  What I”m finding is that Kundalini yoga comes from one tradition and the yoga forms such as Ashtanga-vinyasa, Iyengar, Kripalu) etc.  in the West seem to come from a different stream and yet there is this beautiful overlap.  Amirasolmaia also sings a gorgeous rendition of Angels We Have Heard On High (Gloria in Excelsis Deo), she sings songs from various traditions.  Someone give this woman a recording contract!  The words are:

Sat Narayan/ Wahe Guru
True Sustainer/ Esctasy
Hari Narayan/ Sat Nam
Creative Sustainer/ To call upon or identify with