Marketing for Massage/Healers

I’m an LMT too!  Hi, I’m Kala (Vivinne Williams.) This site is here to help you if you are a massage therapist fresh out of school or more likely been at it for a while.  Being a massage therapist is hard work, physically as well as emotionally.  And massage school rarely gives much time to how to attract clients and build a thriving business!  I know my school didn’t and at that point we may be so focused on passing our exams we don’t pay attention.What use is a business plan if we don’t execute it, plus it’s a dry document that doesn’t give you step by step actions to take.

How to get massage clients is your first question after graduating from massage therapy school!  As an LMT, marketing is going to be vital if you want to build your own successful practice.

An lmt career is often a calling of heart centered, caring people- like you.  But the skills and caring will not be enough to create a “sustainable business” for yourself.

Only read further if you want to get more massage clients for your own practice. I focus on what is working! After all I failed twice in setting up a prosperous practice- it was disheartening. 

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FREE mini-course 5 Steps to Getting More Clients.”

How to get more massage clients?

You can consult with me by Skype or similar, but start with my free course it tells you step by step what works.  But you will have to get out there!

Marketing massage therapy means you are getting in front of people who you can help!  Don’t forget that, your work makes their lives better.  

This is the process, I used to grow my biz from 0 clients (in a new town) to a docket of clients who vibe with me and are raving fans.  I’m not claiming to be making 6 figures like the fake internet gurus! But I am building a successful practice that is growing each week!

If you’d like to know more of my massage promotion ideas, start by getting my FREE mini-course 5 Steps to Getting More Clients.”

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My Story

 I won’t spend a lot of time talking about myself- you are here to figure out how to get more massage clients into your practice, now.

  I know the feeling, as I moved to a new town, a college town, with no connections whatsoever.  After struggling for awhile, I invested in some marketing training and began to implement and tweak and improve what I’d learned.  I also drew upon my years running a small yoga studio in NYC.

Basically I learned that outreach through speaking/presenting is the fastest way to get clients into your private practice!

As soon as I began to see positive results I started writing what I was doing down- and have a free mini-course on the steps I took to bring in clients regularly by making targeted outreach efforts.  It’s here on my course site:

5 Steps to Getting More Massage Clients, it’s free and sent digitally to your email.