As you may know I love Kundalini Yoga-after 20+ years of practicing various “styles” of yoga- I feel as if it is the best for me.  And I can see the benefits that could help others depending on the kriya.  What I like is that each kriya has a specified benefit-you don’t have to guess what happens.

I wanted to share a lovely video that gives a set-called Kriya to Master Your Domain, it’s taught by Anne Novak in the video below.   Novak says,”If you want to change something happening on the outside, you begin by changing what’s happening on the inside.”  She has a wonderful calm presence.  It’s commonly said to practice one kriya for a minimum of 40 days.

Why I like Kriya to Master Your Domain:

I will update this as I go deeper into practice.  But, after initially practicing this kriya, I felt a tremendous amount of energy, or prana flow in my body, and a deep sense of being relaxed yet energized.

I would choose this for a private yoga client if they felt bit helpless, hopeless or mildly depressed. It might help also if emotionally if they feel they are not accomplishing their goals in lifeKundalini Yoga is a great book, especially if you have some yoga background. It gives around 10 or so kriyas and background on Kundalini Yoga.

Why 40 days?

It is supposed to take 40 days to “break a habit,” 120 days of KY practice of specific kriya to “install a new habit,” and whew!! 1,000 days for mastery!  Just getting to 40 days can be very difficult.  Something always seems to come up and very unexpectedly too.  It’s really key to stay committed and “begin again,”  that idea of beginning again and again comes up in meditation too.

I just finished a sadhana that I continued past 40 days.  I’m going to quote Guru Rattana a long time student/teacher of KY, and she was with Yogi Bhajan for many years. From her quote below, 40 days to expected results,  are if all conditions were ideal.

“What I heard him say was that it takes those many days of perfected practice to achieve the promised results, i.e. once we have practiced long enough to know what we are doing and can do the kriya or meditation in the manner and spirit that it was given to evoke and consolidate results, then we start with day one.” 

-her blog page

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