Wellness services- private meditation coaching/yoga & healing shiatsu massage.

"After only one shiatsu massage session with Kala... my energy shifted dramatically. Not only the muscle discomfort was gone, but my mood is less swingy and my sleep cycle is not chaotic anymore. I would recommend Kala to anybody..."
~PhD Candidate, Cornell University 


"Kala's shiatsu bodywork sessions are heavenly.  During my second session with Kala, something evoked a loving memory of my grandmother, and I have been basking in that love for days."

CS, recently retired



CURRENTLY NO INPERSON SERVICES BEING OFFERED: Please use contact page if questions.


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I very much enjoyed working with Kala. Her meditation sessions have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and I benefited from learning basic meditation techniques such as the body scan and walking meditation. Kala helped me deal with stress and sleeping problems, and I can certainly recommend her as a meditation instructor.  -Tom S., Professor

Kala’s approach to meditation instruction is thorough, gentle, and grounded in a deep understanding of simple relaxation techniques. As someone who had taken mindfulness-based meditation classes before but had not kept up with my practice, I was inspired by Kala’s example and guidance to make a commitment to daily meditation. Her instruction has transformed the way I react in the moment to stress, allowing me to be more compassionate and patient with others. —-M. S., editor

Patient and considerate, Kala provided a useful introductory course on meditation. I especially appreciate how she effectively explains salient concepts from a non-religious perspective. —- CT Chan, Postdoctoral Researcher, Cornell University”